Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (02.25.15)


Lucha Underground
February 25, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

We see a car driving through the night in Los Angeles. Holy crap, it appears that the Black Lotus is inside the trunk!

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Drago vs. Aerostar

This is a rematch from 2/4 where Drago picked up the win. Aerostar makes the first move with a headscissors and a corkscrew plancha to the floor. Back in, Drago delivers a springboard tornado DDT. He follows up with a facebuster off the shoulder for two. Aerostar comes back with double knees in the corner and a missile dropkick for two. Now Drago flies onto Aerostar with a somersault plancha. Aerostar fires back with a tope suicida. Back inside, Drago’s DRAGON LAIR gets scouted and countered to a rollup for two. On the apron, Aerostar springs off the middle rope and gives Drago a sunset flip powerbomb on the floor! Back inside, the Rey Mysterio springboard splash gets the win. (4:57) Fun little match here. Afterwards, Dario Cueto comes out and he’s so entertained that he wants to see a best-of-five series for these two. The winner will earn one of his unique opportunities. Do they have what it takes to be able to make each match different? Because that’s important. **½

  • Prince Puma vs. Cage

Puma tries the stick-and-move strategy and it just ain’t working. Cesaro superplex from the apron gets two. Stalling suplex stalls too long as Puma counters. However, he’s caught in Cage’s arms and gets curled before throwing him back over for a fallaway slam. AWESOME. Puma fights off a neck wrench, but misses an enziguri kick and gets taken over with a wheelbarrow suplex. Cage misses a quebrada to mount a comeback from Puma. To the floor, Puma gets some SUPER AIR for a SHOOTING STAR PRESS~! Holy crap. If that’s not highlight reel stuff, I don’t know what is. Back inside, the SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH gets 1-2-NO! BENADRYLLER fails, but the hurracanrana does not. Cage tries the Discus Lariat, but Puma enziguri kicks him down. Phoenix Splash, but no water in the pool! DISCUS LARIAT gets 1-2-NO! Cage lands a Pumphandle Facebuster, but only gets two. Working off the last match, Cage applies the stretch muffler to torque the knee into terrible positions. He makes the ropes! Hey look, Konnan is here! Powerbomb, buckle bomb, and then WEAPON X. Cage mounts Puma and starts wailing away on him until Konnan grabs a white towel off a ringside guy and throws it into the ring signifying surrender. (8:41) This was booked how the first match should have gone with Cage being an absolute beast and Puma only sparingly hitting his hope spots. This was putting Cage over as a legit threat to his championship. Real good stuff with lots of heat. ***½

After the match, Konnan tells Prince Puma in the locker room that the art of war is based on deception. He wants Puma to finish the plan, but Puma doesn’t seem too happy about that.

In Dario Cueto’s office, Sexy Star wants revenge on the Crew for sending her pals to the hospital. She’s so tired of men coming and interfering in her matches. Instead of giving her the Crew like she wants, Cueto offers her Big Ryck. This time, no man comes to rescue her. Be careful what you wish for, little lady.

  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Vinny Massaro

Striker points out that Vinny is from NorCal, which may explain why he gets booed. Pentagon dedicates this match to his master. Instead of breaking the guy’s arm, Pentagon hits the Pumphandle Driver and ends him in 1:05. Afterwards, Pentagon powerbombs Massaro through a table! To make matter even worse, Pentagon snaps Vinny’s arm like he’s been doing to other dudes the past couple weeks. YEAH!

  • Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno

A little bit of brawling to start leads to Mundo doing a cool corkscrew dive on the floor. Back inside, Cuerno stops a series of clotheslines with a backbreaker. He decides to switch gears and work the knee, but only for like a minute. Mundo punches back and hits a spear. Moonlight Drive gets countered and the Flying Chuck gets ducked. Looks like we got some editing here as Mundo tries the YES Lock as he counters the Thrill of the Hunt, but then nothing comes from it. Springboard knee strike and then the Moonlight Drive could lead to the END OF THE WORLD, but Cuerno kicks him out to the floor in mid-move. Cuerno then starts dishing out tope suicida – not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES to Mundo! Cuerno could have returned to the ring, but didn’t seem to care whether he won or lost. As a result, they both get counted out. (7:29) It doesn’t stop here though as they brawl all through the temple. This culminates with Cuerno and Mundo taking a bump on some cyclone fencing upstairs. CRAZY! ***½

Before we go, the car carrying Black Lotus stops. The trunk lid opens and a masked luchadore asks her what she knows about lucha libre. He tells her to come with him as he reaches down to grab her as the show ends. WHOA! That’s the same guy from the first episode who helped that kid against those thugs. WEIRD!

NEXT WEEK: Sexy Star gets Big Ryck!

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