Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (03.18.15)


Lucha Underground
March 18, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Best of Five Series: Drago [1] vs. Aerostar [1]

I was curious as to how they would make their matches different. This was more mat-based than most matches we’ve seen in Lucha Underground as Drago does some work on the legs to start with a modified Indian Deathlock. Aerostar takes over when Drago chases him around ringside and Drago gets kicked in the face. From there, it turns into the more traditional Lucha Underground match with springboard dropkicks and enziguri kicks. Aerostar does the TRUST FALLLLL to the outside, which is always cool. Back in, Drago hits that draping DDT off the top rope for two. Spinning Uranage gets another nearfall. It gets a little unbelievable when Drago misses a running dropkick on the apron and slides in between the turnbuckles. While he’s holding himself up by grabbing the top rope, Aerostar springs off the top and double stomps Drago. It works much better for example when Alberto El Patron does that move while his opponent is in the tree of woe and not when your opponent is holding himself up by holding onto the top rope. Drago then avoids a springboard splash and baits Aerostar out to the floor for a corkscrew plancha. Back inside, Drago delivers a running sitout powerbomb. He gets stopped up top as Aerostar WALKS DOWN THE SECOND ROPE and headscissors him down. Again, WHY DO ALL OF THAT? Aerostar lands the springboard splash for the win as he is now up 2-1. (8:11) We get some respectful handshakes from these two afterwards. I wish they would have stuck with the more serious mat work they were starting to do until they decided to do their normal routine to keep the match interesting and fresh. If history is any indication, there should be two more matches to go for these two, so maybe they will switch it up in the next two meetings. **½

Konnan: Revenge is Coming~!

  • No DQ Elimination 3-on-1 Handicap Match: The Crew vs. Big Ryck

Big Ryck gets GANGED UP on to start. Imagine that. He receives the three running dropkicks down in the corner, which the Crew calls the Treatment. I like it. A chair gets wedged in the corner, but Big Ryck will not take the fall. He pulls Cisco and Bael into one another and runs Bael into the chair instead. Castro brings in a kendo stick, but Big Ryck NO-SELLS and breaks the stick over Castro. Bael faces the same fate with a Chokeslam added in to send him to the showers at 3:13. Castro and Cisco want to double-team suplex Big Ryck, but he brings them over instead with a suplex. Ryck arms himself with the kendo stick and clotheslines Castro down for the pinfall at 4:12. He saves the best for last as Cisco was the one who put the cigar out in Big Ryck’s eye. Cisco decides to fight another day and walks up the stairs, but Sexy Star beats him back down to ringside and into the ring for a BIG RIGHT HAND. Cisco is busted open and Big Ryck works the cut a little bit. Ryck sits up the chair and gives Cisco a URANAGE ON THE CHAIR. Cisco may have dislocated his elbow. Ouch. Cover, 1-2-3. (6:16) I don’t think the Crew are as dangerous as we are supposed to think they are. They really do need a strong leader if they should be taken more seriously. This was like Ahmed Johnson battling the Nation of Domination without Faarooq. **

  • ‘Grave Consequences’ Match: Mil Muertes vs. Fenix (w/Catrina)

Some ‘Day of the Dead’ hipsters bring the casket out to ringside. I should mention that the match stipulation has a fancy name, but it’s a casket match. Muertes interrupts Fenix’s entrance with a tope suicida and beats him around ringside to start. He stretches Fenix in the ropes directly above the casket, but Fenix kicks him back. Fenix misses a sliding dropkick on the apron, but does not miss a somersault plancha. This just pisses off Muertes as he smashes Fenix’s face off the casket and throws the flower arrangement set up by the Day of the Dead people at Fenix. After Muertes moves the furniture around, Fenix elbows him a bunch and lands a DDT onto the casket. He wants a tope suicida of his own, but Muertes blocks that with the casket! He’s so pissed off right now. The mask is nearly ripped off of Fenix. Muertes unscrews the turnbuckle connector and cracks Fenix’s skull. Well, we’ve now got more blood on this show. The blood is pouring down Fenix’s face as Muertes chokes him with the steel turnbuckle connector. Back on the floor, Muertes stops to look at Catrina before taking Fenix up the stairs where his blood is splattered onto the fans. They head over to a balcony where a suplex down to the floor gets teased. Muertes decides to throw Fenix into the air conditioner holder hanging from the rafters instead. Back to ringside, Muertes settles for a powerbomb onto the announce table. And hey, it didn’t break! Muertes takes another look at Catrina and walks right past her to bring the casket into the ring. Muertes gives Fenix a belly to belly throw onto the casket in the corner to lay in some serious dents on both the casket and Fenix. Muertes bites the cut and spits a bloody loogie into the air. GROSS, but AWESOME.

Fenix catches Muertes charging at him with a superkick and heads up top, but Muertes runs and brings him down with a Super Codebreaker. The casket is set back on the truck, but Muertes and Fenix fight up into the balcony again. A wooden chair gets used on Fenix’s head, but he enziguri kicks Muertes down to the floor. Somersault dive off the balcony! Just when things look to turn around, Muertes reverses a whip into the barricade and then smashes Fenix’s face off the barricade REALLY HARD. Another superkick stops Muertes, but it takes two to put him down to a knee. Moonsault press off the barricade! COME ON FENIX~! While they trade blows, Fenix ducks one and Catrina gets wiped out by Muertes. That stops Muertes in his tracks for a moment. Striker seems to think Muertes is feeling some remorse here. In any event, they fight up onto the ring apron where Fenix slaps, kicks, and double stomps Muertes until he rolls into the casket opened up by who else but Catrina. Before she shuts the lid, she licks the Aztec stone and tosses it inside and shuts the lid to give Fenix the victory. (14:45) Excellent storytelling, violent as hell, and a perfect ending to the Fenix/Muertes/Catrina feud. This also had a great use of the casket. The less times you go for the win in a casket match (or any type of match for that matter), the more dramatic the attempts at victory become, and they handled that very well here as they only tried to put one another in the casket once. Anyways, loved this and strongly recommend you check this out. Even if you don’t know the entire backstory, I think you’ll find it enjoyable all the same. ****½

And with that, we are outta here!

NEXT WEEK: Double main event! AAA heavyweight champion Alberto El Patron meets Texano in a bull rope match! Lucha Underground champion Prince Puma takes on Cage in a Boyle Heights street fight! HUGE!

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