Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (03.25.15)


Lucha Underground
March 25, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Son of Havoc (w/Ivelisse) vs. Angelico

Vamp spends most of the match complaining about how annoying Ivelisse is. Havoc seems SUPER MOTIVATED here to end this thing with Angelico and move forward. He spears Angelico out to the floor to start. Normally you would see a plancha or tope suicida, but he sees Angelico ducking and goes through the steps to drill him with a further beating. Back inside, Havoc does a silly curb stomp where Angelico lifts his head up off the mat as though Havoc’s boots have suction of some sort. It’s the same problem you see sometimes with Seth Rollins. Angelico clears the ring of Havoc with a couple kicks and then somersault planchas over by the announce table. HOLY CRAP. That was quite impressive. Back inside, kicks are traded again. Angelico charges into a Billy Robinson backbreaker of sorts for two. Ivelisse is all over Havoc for not ending this match sooner. Over on the apron, he shoves Ivelisse away and kicks back Angelico. Springboard double stomp and a standing moonsault gets two. Angelico avoids a charge and lands a knee in the corner. Time for the FALL OF THE ANGELS, but Havoc counters with a headscissors to send Angelico crashing into the corner. Angelico stops him up top though and tries for a superplex, but Havoc crotches him on the top rope instead. Havoc grabs a mic and climbs up to the top to tell Ivelisse that she’s the reason he’s been losing his match. Ivelisse, consider yourself dumped. He gives her the universal sign for “up yours” and hits the SHOOTING STAR PRESS on Angelico for the win. (6:41) The losing streak for Havoc is finally over as he wins his first match since the first episode when he beat Sexy Star. This was pretty good in some spots. Again, we’re running into unbelievability in some moments. Afterwards, Angelico tries to give Ivelisse the “let’s get it on” face, to which she responds with a kick in the head. **½

Striker - "He's single, ladies!"

Striker – “He’s single, ladies!”

Over in Dario Cueto’s office, he welcomes Hernandez to Lucha Underground. Cueto says Hernandez comes highly regarded by Konnan. Since he’s an honored guest here tonight, Cueto has made sure Hernandez gets a front row seat in his Temple.

  • Bull Rope Match: AAA Mega Champion Alberto El Patron vs. Texano

While most bull rope matches have the same rules as strap matches where you have to tap each corner to win, this match allows for pinfall or submission. They take turns using the bull rope to start. Texano takes a ride out to the floor where Alberto delivers a headscissors off the apron. Alberto gets stopped up top as Texano whips and chokes him with the rope. A chair comes out and after he whacks El Patron, Texano wedges the chair in the corner. They head up top where Alberto nails Texano with the cow bell and brings him down with a superplex. Alberto delivers a backstabber and whips Texano with his OWN bull rope. Texano stops Alberto with a codebreaker, but El Patron fires back with a reverse superplex for two. CROSS ARMBREAKER fails and Texano throws him into the chair in the corner. Cover, 1-2-NO! A table gets brought in the ring by Texano. However, El Patron pops up with the double knee armbreaker and superkicks him while Texano is on his knees. He wants to superplex Texano through the table, but instead Texano puts him through the table with a powerbomb! Cover, 1-2-NO! Not enough. They should have let that one breathe a little bit before the nearfall. Texano could have sold a little something first before going straight for the pinfall. He sets Alberto up on the top turnbuckle and beats him with the cow bell, but that just pisses off El Patron. He pulls Texano into the CROSS ARMBREAKER over the ropes for the tapout! (8:23) I was actually pretty disappointed by this match. The bull rope factor didn’t seem to be used all that well and this just didn’t have the epic feel it should have had for the first AAA title defense on Lucha Underground. **½

In the back, Konnan is busy getting Prince Puma warmed up for tonight’s main event. Hernandez stops by and introduces himself. The dude is a big fan of Puma.

Before the match begins, Dario Cueto shows us the *NEW* Lucha Underground title. Much better than the original one, but I’m sure that was intentional.

new LU championship

  • Boyle Heights Street Fight: Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma (w/Konnan) vs. Cage

Revenge is now HERE, folks. This one goes to the floor pretty quick as Cage powerbombs Puma into the ringpost. Hernandez is shown sitting at ringside grimacing at what he’s seeing here. Cage finds a chair, but Puma uses it against him with a spinning heel kick. Puma lays out Cage with a trash can and then sets up a table out on the floor. Cage walks by and whacks Puma in the face with the trash can lid. Back inside the ring, Cage turns into Roderick Strong with a torture rack backbreaker across the knees! Cover, 1-2-NO! Puma fights off a superplex and kicks Cage down to the floor for an INSANE SHOOTING STAR PRESS. Next up, Puma puts Cage through the table with a SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH. Puma now has to roll Cage’s lifeless body in the ring and only gets two. Back to the floor, Cage puts the chair on Puma’s head and throws him into the ringpost. Lucha Underground, you might want to call that a Columbian necktie. Konnan and Cage share some words, which gets Konnan posted into the safety rail. Looks like Konnan might blade again. Back inside, Puma connects with a chairshot and gives a stumbling Cage a suplex on the chair for two. 630 SENTON TIME, but no water in the pool. DISCUS CLOTHESLINE to Puma! Cover, 1-2-NO! WEAPON X connects, but Cage doesn’t go for the pin. Instead, he just beats the crap out of Puma hoping for another towel toss, I suppose. Double powerbomb is next as Puma takes the second powerbomb on a trash can. Cage calls out to Hernandez wanting a piece of the action. Hernandez gets on the apron to talk with Cage about this. Meanwhile, Konnan gets in the ring and whacks Cage with his cane. While Cage is knocked out, Puma hits the 630 SENTON for the win. (12:14) Fun match with loads of cool spots. I just wish they wouldn’t book these matches so evenly. I understand Puma is the champ, but he never works all that hard for a comeback. All the same, another very entertaining encounter between these two. After the bell, Konnan presents Puma with the NEW Lucha Underground title and raises his arm in victory. Hernandez gives his approval from ringside. ***½

And with that, we are outta here.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.

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