Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (04.01.15)


Lucha Underground
April 1, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Tonight’s show starts in Dario Cueto’s office. Big Ryck introduces some friends of his to Dario: Kill Shot and his cousin The Mack. Not Mack, but THE Mack. CZW fans are familiar with Kill Shot who wrestled there as Shane Strickland while The Mack is better known to PWG fans as Willie Mack. Big Ryck heard that Cueto put the hit out on him that cost him his eye. Cueto denies the rumor and offers Ryck and his boys a spot in the Lucha Underground Trios title tournament. They seem down with that. Ryck sticks out his hand and Dario thinks he wants a handshake. HAHAHAHA, no. He wants a wad of hundreds. So does Kill Shot and The Mack. They walk away without laying a finger on El Jefe.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Johnny Mundo vs. Angelico

Both guys play that game where they know what the other is about to do for the first minute and a half. It continues out on the floor where Mundo finally makes some real contact with Angelico’s face as he catches him just right with a roundhouse kick off the safety rail. HE’S SO PARKOUR. Back inside, the Moonlight Drive fails, but the running knee does not. Mundo covers for two. Angelico rolls away before the END OF THE WORLD can happen. Nearfall sequence ensues and ends with Angelico double stomping Mundo. Angelico delivers a knee strike and a break dance kick for two. Time for the FALL OF THE ANGELS, but Mundo escapes and hits the Flying Chuck. The END OF THE WORLD fails to occur as Angelico catches Mundo with another knee strike. FALL OF THE ANGELS! Cover, 1-2-NO! Mundo’s foot is on the bottom rope. He tries another Fall of the Angels, but Mundo elbows him away and catches him charging in the corner with a boot. Angelico still manages to stop Mundo up top and goes for a Super Hurracanrana, but Mundo powerbombs him down instead and finally hits the END OF THE WORLD for the win. (7:45) Pretty fun little battle here. Both guys on point tonight. ***

In some undisclosed location, the Black Lotus chick writes about the man who kidnapped her and said, “Come with me”. His name is El Dragon Azteca. He’s a direct descendant of one of the original Aztec tribes. He was there when her parents were slaughtered by that MONSTER. Buster Bluth? Anyways, El Dragon Azteca has promised her he will teach her the art of Mexican lucha libre. It is essential if she wants to avenge her parents’ death.

Elsewhere, Johnny Mundo walks up on Alberto El Patron. He congratulates Mundo on his victory over Angelico tonight. Mundo becomes kind of a dick here as he asks El Patron if he’s here to wrestle guys he’s already beaten or if he’s here to actually compete. That’s a fine how do you do. Nah, Mundo is just kidding. El Patron forgot about Johnny’s sense of humor. In fact, he forgot about Johnny altogether. SNAP. Well, Mundo reminds Alberto that he’s the face of Lucha Underground. And with that, El Patron walks away with a vague comment.

Over in Dario Cueto’s office, he offers Sexy Star two more partners since Mascarita Sagrada and Pimpinela Escarlata are both on the shelf. Dario gives her Super Fly (never won a match here) and Pentagon Jr. (shows no allegiance to human beings). Sexy Star seems pleased, but considering who her former partners are, I could understand why. Cueto thinks this could be her big break. Maybe?!?!

  • Best of Five Series: Aerostar [2] vs. Drago [1]

This is GAME SET AND MATCH if Aerostar can pull this off tonight. He has a little bit of a rough start trying to pull off a headscissors. Drago makes him pay with a bunch of kicks in the corner. To the floor, Aerostar busts out a double jump somersault plancha. Back in, a springboard sunset flip gets 1-2-NO! Now he hits the Springboard Splash for 1-2-NO! He continues to go for the win with various rollups, but nothing is working. Drago however blocks a headscissors and slams Aerostar on his face. He tries to submit Aerostar on the mat, but nothing doing. Drago hits a couple comeback moves which culminates in a TORNILLO on Aerostar and a fancy pinning predicament for the win. (4:28) They are still shaking hands after each match. Cool stuff. Not much of a match here as it felt like they both just wanted to get this over with to get to the finale. **

Back to Dario Cueto. He tells Angelico, Son of Havoc, and Ivelisse that since they aren’t very successful singles wrestlers that maybe they will impress him as a trios team. Well, they do not want this. For the record, Havoc makes sure it’s clear to Dario that he dumped Ivelisse, not the other way around.

Pentagon talks to his master before the bell. He knows he’s got some weak partners, but says he’ll win the trios tag belts by himself – because he is Pentagon Jr. SIN MIEDO~! Sexy Star and Super Fly offer a handshake to Pentagon, but he refuses and shakes his own hand instead.

  • Lucha Underground Trios Title Tournament First Round: Big Ryck, Kill Shot, and the Mack vs. Pentagon Jr., Sexy Star, and Super Fly

Okay, The Mack is awesome. He looks like Junkyard Dog, but moves like Owen Hart. He hits one lucha armdrag on Pentagon and the crowd goes wild as he does the Davey Boy Smith kip up and some Bobo Brazil motions. Both guys then trade chops, but then Mack lands the POUNCE-ah, period. Pentagon fires back with a nasty lungblower out of the corner on Mack for two. He looks to snap Mack’s arm, but Mack knows what’s coming and retreats to his corner. Next, we get a look at Kill Shot against Super Fly. I wasn’t as impressed with Kill Shot in this match as I was with Mack though. People cheer Sexy Star when she controls Kill Shot with a headlock, but then they boo him when he escapes and lands an elbow and chops her on the boobies. REALLY? She hits Kill Shot with a back elbow of her own and delivers a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Big Ryck finally has enough of this crap. He cleans house and throws Sexy Star on top of her partners. The Mack and Kill Shot take them out again with stereo dives. Big Ryck wants to try that, but Sexy Star cuts him off with a flying body press. Pentagon enters the match and gets beaten down by Ryck, but dropkicks him out of the ring. Kill Shot wants a piece and hits the Space Jam on Pentagon for 1-2-NO! Pentagon fires back with the Pumphandle Driver for a nearfall of his own. Over in the corner, Pentagon launches Sexy Star into a super headscissors on Kill Shot. FROG SPLASH by Super Fly! Cover, 1-2-NO! Ryck makes Super Fly pay with a CHOKESLAM, but Pentagon saves the day and kicks Ryck square on the forehead. Ryck whips Pentagon in the corner, but Pentagon does the headstand on the top turnbuckle ala Tiger Mask or Ultimo Dragon. Ryck boots him down to the floor and then runs him down with a clothesline. Sexy Star screams and yells and runs down the apron to leap on Ryck, but he sidesteps all that noise. Super Fly wants to help out his teammates, but Kill Shot slingshots into the ring and stops Super Fly with a cutter. Mack hits an awesome Bobby Eaton suplex on Super Fly to set up a SWERVE STOMP by Kill Shot for the win. (11:59) Such an entertaining match. I love the Mack. ***½

Afterwards, Pentagon tries to snap Super Fly’s arm because he’s such a loser, but Sexy Star saves the day. Boy, she is going to WISH she didn’t do that.

And with that, we are outta here.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced. I would imagine we will see a trios match though.

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