Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (04.08.15)


Lucha Underground
April 8, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Over in Dario Cueto’s office, Prince Puma and Konnan are there. Dario wants this trios title to be a big deal, so he even wants the champ Puma to pick a couple partners for a tournament match next week. One of their opponents in that match will be King Cuerno who Cueto has chosen to face Prince Puma tonight in the main event – for the Lucha Underground title. Two title defenses in three weeks!

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Lucha Underground Trios Title Qualifying Match: Fenix, Drago & Aerostar vs. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico

These two teams are like the Lethal Lottery back in the WCW days where people in feuds would have to team up – because WHAT ARE THE ODDS that Ric Flair and Randy Savage would team up, amirite? Nobody is really getting along here. Fenix has a pretty nice sequence with Angelico to start. Ivelisse blind tags herself in, to which Fenix responds by throwing her back into her own corner to get somebody to tag her. It turns out to be Angelico. Drago tags in and hits a springboard DDT for two. Angelico is stuck in the wrong corner as Aerostar leaps off Fenix’s shoulders while he’s standing on the second rope. It didn’t look that fluid and seemed super risky. Anyways, Drago and Aerostar both want the glory of the pinfall and thus Angelico never gets pinned. Good job, guys. Aerostar takes a knee from Ivelisse on the apron and then gets a knee strike from Angelico. Son of Havoc comes in and gets a roaring ovation. Standing SSP to Aerostar. He grabs Aerostar by the head and walks over to Ivelisse, who slaps Havoc in the face for a tag. Wheelbarrow DDT takes down Aerostar for two. Back to Angelico, he gets caught in a satellite headscissors by Aerostar. Drago steals a tag meant for Fenix and we see another DDT. Time to start the dives! Ivelisse really wants to do something, but the men keep cutting her off by being faster than her. Once the other five are on the floor, she finally takes her moment and somersault dives on the pack. Now that’s over, Angelico gets tied up in the bottom rope and     dangles on the apron. Fenix takes him out with a rope walking elbow drop. Back inside, Son of Havoc fights off Aerostar and Drago and leaps for a hot tag to Ivelisse, but she drops to the floor and walks out on her dysfunctional team. Nevertheless, Havoc avoids a corner charge from Drago and lands the SHOOTING STAR PRESS for the win. (8:13) Ivelisse does not look happy. Fun match, but do we need so many DDTs? I love them, but 4-5 in one match is a little much. ***

Back in the locker room, Konnan is brimming with great news. Hernandez has agreed to be Puma’s partner for next week. All they need is one more vato loco for their trios team. That’s when Johnny Mundo appears. Puma picked him personally, which infuriates Konnan. He’s already told Puma that he can’t trust that gabacho. If Mundo does something stupid, Hernandez will split his wig. If Hernandez doesn’t, Konnan will.

  • Mask vs. Mask: Sexy Star vs. Super Fly

It was just supposed to be a regular match, but Dario Cueto comes out and makes it mask versus mask. Striker points out that while mask versus mask is a famous match type in Mexico, this goes against lucha libre tradition by forcing two people to have this type of match on the fly (pun not intended) with no personal issue to spark this level of a match stipulation. The interesting thing is that Super Fly has already lost his mask down in AAA against Aerostar back on December 7. Having never won a match in Lucha Underground, he will have to do what he has never done before or face that humiliation all over again. OKAY!

Feeling out process to start leads to a stalemate. Enough of the standoff, Super Fly boots Sexy Star in the face and connects with a back elbow. Sexy Star fires back with an X-Factor, but Super Fly slaps her back and throws her around by her hair. The Moolah Whip as it were. Again, Sexy Star comes back with a headscissors. Lucha armdrag takes Super Fly to the floor for a flying body press. More chops and slaps for some payback on Super Fly. Back inside, Sexy Star hits a codebreaker for two. Super Fly takes over, but it’s more of the same. Tornado DDT by Sexy Star gets another nearfall. Super Fly manages a powerbomb, but misses the MOONSAULT. La Magistral gets the win for Sexy Star. (5:48) Even though she doesn’t want to do it, she can’t disrespect Super Fly by refusing to take off his mask. They embrace and Sexy Star leaves Super Fly in the ring. That’s when Pentagon Jr. enters the ring and shoves Sexy Star off the apron. He will not be denied. FEAR FACTOR to Super Fly! He snaps Super Fly’s arm and there’s nothing Sexy Star can do about it. We won’t be seeing him for a while. EPIC end to an otherwise average match. *½

  • Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma (w/Hernandez & Johnny Mundo) vs. King Cuerno (w/Cage & Texano)

Vamp points out that Johnny Mundo must be pissed that King Cuerno – who he just defeated in a cage match – is being granted a title match over him. We find out who Cuerno’s other teammates will be for the final trios championship qualifying match. Cuerno ducks out after bending on Puma’s arm for a bit. Puma tries to take out Cage and Texano with a somersault plancha, but he gets caught and tossed into a reverse neckbreaker by Cuerno. AWESOME. That creates a standoff between the two sides. Back in, Cuerno tries to take out the legs of Puma, which is a pivotal point of his offense. At one point, Puma gets tripped up and pulled into the ringpost where Texano and Cage administer a beatdown. Puma though comes back with a Superman Punch on Cuerno. Back to the floor, Puma unleashes a somersault plancha that wipes out Cuerno. While Cage and Texano go after Puma, Mundo jumps in the ring and does one of his signature dives. Unfortunately, he miscalculated and only grazes Texano and Cage and lands on Cuerno. Ouch. Hernandez and Cage have a staredown. Cage puts Cuerno back in the ring while Hernandez HYPES Puma into getting back in the ring. Blue Thunder Driver by Puma gets two. Springboard 450 Splash fails and Cuerno attacks with a series of suplexes for a nearfall. THRILL OF THE HUNT is coming, but Puma escapes and shoves him into Hernandez for an earclap. Cage eats a superkick to send him down to the floor. Instead of going for the finish, Puma wants to settle this issue with Hernandez right now. Come on, bro. Hernandez eventually drops to the floor. Puma hits the 630 SENTON and gets the pinfall. (9:04) Afterwards, Puma and Hernandez continue to talk over their misunderstandings when Cage blasts them both with clotheslines. It’s a big pier six brawl as we close the show. Started off fine, but fell off the rails a few minutes in with some noticeable botches here and there. **½

And with that, we are outta here.

NEXT WEEK: Team Puma meets Team Cuerno in the final trios title qualifier!

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