Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (04.15.15)


Lucha Underground
April 15, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

From the roof of the Temple, Dario Cueto approaches Aerostar while he is gazing out into the heavens. Cueto reminds Aerostar that Drago gets his inspiration from the depths of hell. If Aerostar sees a shooting star, he should make a wish. Be careful what you wish for though. Everything in his Temple has a price.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Lucha Underground Trios Title Qualifying Match: Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo & Hernandez vs. King Cuerno, Cage & Texano

Hernandez plays around with Cuerno to start. Texano catches Hernandez from behind, but Hernandez puts him in the tree of woe for Mundo to kick the crap out of him. Tag to Puma, he and Mundo deliver STEREO ENZIGURIS to Texano. Hey look, Shawn Daivari is sitting at ringside drinking some rum and coke. Puma fights off a double-team from Cuerno and Texano. Mundo tags in and Hernandez helps out as the match breaks down. Hernandez alley oops Mundo into a dropkick on both Texano and Cuerno. Mundo busts out a running knee on Texano and comes back around to nail Cage with a springboard knee strike. Texano though catches Mundo in a Spinebuster for two. They work over Mundo on their side of the ring for a bit until Cuerno superkicks Cage by mistake. Hot tag to Puma because neither guy trusts Hernandez. Texano gets thrown into Cuerno in a DDT position and Puma runs over to drop him with a reverse neckbreaker to finish the job. Mexican Superman takes out Texano and Cage with a plancha. Cuerno wants to fly on Hernandez, but Mundo and Puma pull him out to the floor for STEREO SUPERKICKS. Instead, Mundo and Puma do STEREO DIVES on Texano and Cage. Back inside, there’s an amazing series of corner clotheslines. I know that sounds ridiculous, but wrestling is VISUAL and seeing guy after guy get pounded in the corner is pretty awesome. Cage eats the Flying Chuck from Mundo to set up the Springboard 450 Splash by Puma. BENADRYLLER fails as Cage hoists up Puma for a press into a powerslam. Now everybody comes in one at a time from the floor to take out the guy standing in the ring. Puma stops all that with a Blue Thunder Driver to Cuerno. A quick try at the THRILL OF THE HUNT doesn’t work as Puma rolls up Cuerno for 1-2-NO! Meanwhile, Texano wraps the bull rope around his fist and belts Puma when he’s shoved through the ropes. THRILL OF THE HUNT! Cuerno covers for the win. (10:29) So Cuerno just pinned the champ as they advance to the trios title match. Bell to bell awesome action here. ****

  • Cage vs. The Mack vs. Son of Havoc

Dario Cueto orders this match to happen to give the people a preview of what we will see next week in the trios title match. Cage controls both men to start, but gets Mack delivers a Sling Blade to the big man. Both Mack and Havoc dominate Cage in the corner. Havoc elbows Mack down and levels him with a standing moonsault for two. Cage posts Havoc, but then gets a T-bone suplex from Mack. Havoc stops Mack up top and delivers a headscissors that sends him down on top of Cage for a senton bomb. Havoc covers Cage for two. Right out of the kick out, Havoc is on Cage with a cross armbreaker. Mack stops the submission with a running senton and a standing moonsault on Havoc for two. Tower of DOOOOOOM spot ensues. I’m surprised it’s taken us this long to get that spot. Havoc is on the move. He double stomps Cage and takes out Mack with a tope suicida all in about 2-3 seconds. He looks to do the same tope suicida to Cage, but gets caught in position for a vertical suplex and drops him down on the floor. Back inside, Mack saves Havoc from receiving Weapon X, which seems stupid. Havoc knocks down Mack over in the corner to set up the Shooting Star Press, but Cage pulls Mack away from the move and runs him into the barricade. WEAPON X to Havoc! Cover, 1-2-3. (5:57) Well, so much for the two-match win streak for Havoc. Nevertheless, Cage stands tall here. **½

Now Dario Cueto is approaching Drago in the BATHROOM. Who will grab Dario Cueto’s brass ring and receive his unique opportunity – Aerostar or Drago? We are about to find out.

In the ring, Pentagon Jr. attacks the hot ring announcer lady and tries to sacrifice her to his master. SNAP. Vampiro even gets up from the announce table about to save the day. Before she gets her arm broken, Sexy Star runs out and takes her away to safety. Sexy Star is NOT AFRAID. SIN MIEDO~!

  • Best of Five Series: Drago [2] vs. Aerostar [2]

Cueto does the ring introductions here. He’s seen salivating and smiling around ringside because he’s kind of a third-person sadist. Anyways, the winner of this fall will receive the unique opportunity from Dario Cueto. Drago controls a little bit to start, but Aerostar quickly takes over with a springboard senton splash. Drago comes back with a tree of woe and a dropkick. Facebuster off the shoulders gets two. Alright, let’s go to the floor. Aerostar hits the TRUST FALLLLL. Back in the ring, Drago avoids a charge up against the ropes and takes down Aerostar with a spinning Uranage for two. Aerostar ducks away from a corner charge and while Drago is out in the corner, he runs and delivers a senton to Drago’s back. SPRINGBOARD SPLASH by Aerostar gets 1-2-NO! Back to the floor, guys. Drago slams Aerostar so he can pull a table out from under the ring. What Drago wants using the table doesn’t happen. What does happen is Aerostar putting Drago through the table with a plancha. Back in, the Springboard Senton from Aerostar gets 1-2-NO! Aerostar desperately tries to get a quick pin on Drago using various rollups and whatnot. This leads to a slugfest in the center of the ring. Drago wins that exchange and hits the blockbuster DDT. With Aerostar out on his feet, Drago gets Aerostar with the DRAGON’S LAIR roll for the pinfall. (10:16) This was my favorite of the five as they left nothing undecided as Drago clearly won. Not an *epic* best of five series in my opinion, but it’s something memorable for these guys to do. ***¼

Dario Cueto congratulates Drago on his victory. The unique opportunity is a Lucha Underground title match against Prince Puma. If he loses though, Drago will be banned from Dario’s temple FOREVERRRRRRR.

And with that, we are outta here.

NEXT WEEK: The first-ever Lucha Underground Trios champions will be crowned! Team Big Ryck vs. Team Cuerno vs. Team Havoc!

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