Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (04.22.15)


Lucha Underground
April 22, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

We begin tonight’s program from wherever the black lotus is at. She’s still in her Mexican lucha libre training with El Dragon Azteca. She doesn’t know when he will let her fight, but she knows she is ready. She’s told that her anger is her greatest weakness, but Lotus feels it is her greatest strength. COME WITH ME. We get to see her fight off a bunch of dudes. This feels like Batman Begins to me. She gets into a back and forth struggle with El Dragon Azteca. When she fails, he knows she’s still not ready. Black Lotus looks very disappointed as we head over to the Temple.

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Sexy Star

Shawn Daivari is shown cheering on the evil Pentagon on his way to the ring. The hot ring announcer chick is back doing her announcing gig despite Pentagon being on the card. Even though she looks pretty concerned, Striker puts her over for being a tough chick. Pentagon doesn’t get TOO violent with her as you might expect. Lots of kicks and taking Sexy Star’s own offense. He does catch Sexy Star coming off the second rope for a butterfly X-Factor. Sexy Star avoids getting her arm snapped though. Comeback spinning DDT gets two. To the floor, Sexy Star takes down Pentagon with a somersault tope. Back inside, Pentagon stops a headscissors and drills Sexy Star with a sitout powerbomb to the knee! How about one more! That’s still not enough for Sexy Star to get her arm snapped. Out of a tilt-a-whirl move, Sexy Star is able to deliver a nice backcracker to Pentagon. Cover, 1-2-3! (7:02) Well, I don’t know I would have gone in that direction because now where do you go with Pentagon? He was wiping everybody out, but the angle needs to be paid off better with a more serious opponent. Is Sexy Star really being booked so strongly that she could knock off Pentagon’s path of destruction? I don’t buy it. We will see where this goes from here, but I don’t really see the point of him losing here. **

In the locker room, Alberto El Patron approaches Johnny Mundo while he’s working out. He points out that Mundo is one of the reasons he came to Lucha Underground. When he saw Mundo beat Prince Puma on the first show, it blew him away. But then it made him wonder why he couldn’t beat Prince Puma in Aztec Warfare when the Lucha Underground title was on the line. El Patron feels this is the story of his life: always so close to the brass ring, but it always remains just out of reach for Mundo. Well, Mundo stands up for himself and tells El Patron that he’s not some kid he can just slap around. Alberto tells him to chill out, bro!

  • Lucha Underground Trios Championship Elimination Match: Team Big Ryck vs. Team Cuerno vs. Team Havoc

It all comes down to this. Triple-threat rules apply. Your team is eliminated when a member of your team gets pinned, submitted, or DQ’ed. Since it’s lucha rules, there’s not really any possible countouts since someone replaces you when you go to the floor. Cage shows off by giving both Angelico and Killshot a suplex at the same time. For some reason, Cuerno and Texano continue to double-team people and their partners just stand and watch it happen. Angelico and Killshot eventually fight back with knee strikes and make some tags. In comes Mack and Havoc. Willie Mack is so awesome. Together, they clear the ring of Cuerno and Texano. Mack wipes out Texano with a somersault plancha, but Havoc does his fake dive and backflips into a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE by Cage! We get a little showdown between Ryck and Cage, which Cage wins with a big slam. Cage then moonsaults off the top rope onto the bunch on the floor. Ivelisse seems to having some knee problems. Ryck takes down Cage with a clothesline, but then Angelico takes down Ryck with a running knee strike. Texano tries to grab Angelico, but he takes a Pele Kick out to the floor. From the apron, Angelico knees Texano into Shawn Daivari and spills the rum and coke all his fancy jacket! Daivari (whom Striker cannot quite place the name of this guy) knocks Texano into the ringpost, beats the crap out of him, and then flings him into a section of chairs. DAIVARI IS PISSED! Texano rolls back into the ring, but doesn’t seem to know where he is. SWERVE STOMP by Killshot! Cover, 1-2-3. (8:04) Team Cuerno – favored to win – has now been eliminated.

Team Big Ryck picks up where they left off being the crap out of Angelico. Mack hits an awesome lariat on the poor South African. This continues on for a minute or so. Ryck delivers a suplex while Mack nails a perfect flying elbow drop. Angelico though fights them off as they charge him in the corner. Out goes Ryck and his cousin Mack. Killshot runs into a boot, but catches Angelico for a back suplex into a backbreaker on the knees. As Angelico rolls out, Havoc comes in and charges into a Standing Spanish Fly. Never seen that before. Reverse headscissors by Killshot on Havoc fails. Meanwhile, Ivelisse flies onto Mack and Ryck and gets caught. Real smart lady, she is. In the ring though, Havoc shows Killshot how the Reverse Headscissors is done! Tope suicida out to take down both Ryck and Mack and save his ex-girlfriend! Angelico grabs Killshot and delivers the FALL OF THE ANGELS for the 1-2-3! (13:54) Ladies and gents, we’ve got NEW Lucha Underground Trios champions. A very convoluted first fall, but the second fall was tremendous. ***½

Just when you think all is right with the world, Dario Cueto comes out and says he’s got one more team for them to face personally selected by him before we can crown champions. To spice things up, this match will be no disqualification. And why not? He’s a sick sadist freak who vicariously lives to watch other people inflict violence on others.

  • Lucha Underground Trios Championship No-DQ Match: Team Havoc vs. The Crew

Each member of the Crew gets someone to beat up around the temple for the first couple minutes. In the ring, Bael holds up Ivelisse to get whacked with the kendo stick by Castro until Havoc saves the day at the last moment. He gets a pair of dropkicks down in the corner for his efforts. From here, Bael takes Angelico over the balcony on top of Dario Cueto’s office. Castro is choking the life out of Ivelisse. Cisco is getting pretty sadistic trying to suplex Havoc from the stands to the floor. That winds up not working out so well though. Instead, Havoc runs Cisco into the barricade and flips off the barricade onto Cisco. Bael joins Castro in the ring and as they walk towards Ivelisse, Angelico COMES FLYING IN FROM THE BALCONY AND CRASHES ON THEM. HOLY ~!@*(!*(#$@*(!#*(!@!*(!. One of the rare holy crap moments that actually comes off looking amazing. Crowd entirely loses their minds and Vamp drops his headset and takes a lap around the ring. Now you’ve got some white hot babyface heat going for Team Havoc. Ivelisse starts caning the Crew. As Cisco rolls out, Castro and Bael are left to take what Havoc and Angelico have in store. Havoc lands the SHOOTING STAR PRESS on Bael while Angelico DOUBLE STOMPS Castro. It’s all over! (8:40) Okay, for real this time. Ladies and gents, we’ve got NEW Lucha Underground Trios champions. That reminded me of some really hot ECW finishes like the Pitbulls double dog collar match with Raven and Stevie Richards where everything fell right into place and ended well. Kudos to everybody here. This is what you love about wrestling. ****

NEXT WEEK: Prince Puma meets Drago in a title versus career match!

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