WWF: Raw Saturday Night (02.21.1998)


WWF: Raw Saturday Night
February 21, 1998
Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena

The current WWF champs are as follows:
World Champion: Shawn Michaels (11/9/1997)
Intercontinental Champion: The Rock (12/8/1997)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (11/24/1997)
European Champion: Owen Hart (1/26/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku (12/7/1997)

Raw gets delayed this week until Saturday night due to the Westminster Dog Show. This is the last time that ever happens.

TIME TO GET RAW! Your hosts are Jim Ross, Michael Cole, and Kevin Kelly.

Ross announces there’s a rumor circulating that D-Generation X is planning to sue Stone Cold Steve Austin for his actions towards Chyna at No Way Out.

  • The Legion of Doom vs. The Quebecers

Jacques starts out the match bumping for Hawk – taking clotheslines and the reverse neckbreaker. In comes Animal and Pierre, they engage in a strong tie-up. Our esteemed commentators discuss how the Legion of Doom aren’t as powerful as they once were because they are simply outnumbered by crews like the Nation of Domination. As they run the ropes, Pierre runs Animal down with a shoulderblock, but then receives a powerslam. Tag to Jacques, Animal takes a cheapshot and gets sent to the floor so that Pierre can deliver a cannonball splash from the apron. Meanwhile, the New Age Outlaws head down to ringside bringing a blue dumpster with them. While Animal is being double-teamed, the Outlaws grab Hawk and toss him face-first into the dumpster and then they toss him inside. The Outlaws sit on the lids while Animal continues the match. He makes a comeback drilling Los Quebecois with a double clothesline. When he sees there’s no Hawk to tag and what’s happening, Animal grabs a chair and scares the Outlaws away. Once Hawk is loose, they run after the Outlaws and the Quebecers win via countout. (6:13) So what was that about? I thought the Outlaws were done with the Legion of Doom. Weren’t we moving forward with the NWA feud? Bleh. This was definitely a better Quebecers match than the one we just saw from No Way Out. *½

They air a montage highlighting Chyna and what makes her different from any other female ever in the WWF. Michael Cole wants to know why a woman like Chyna who has been quite physical in the WWF for the past year would want to sue Stone Cold Steve Austin over emotional distress. We’ll find out more about this situation coming this Monday on Raw.

  • Ken Shamrock vs. Sniper (w/The Jackyl & Recon)

Jackyl joins us for extra special commentary. Good grief. The one thing I’m wondering during this whole match is why it’s taking someone like Shamrock who is essentially the number one contender to the IC title so long to beat ham-and-egger like Sniper. It just went on and on. I’m sorry, but these Truth Commission boys are a channel changer for me. The ANKLELOCK finally taps out Sniper. (5:17) This week, Jackyl slaps Sniper across the face and turns his back to see what happens. Recon tries to hold him back, but Sniper shoves Jackyl anyways and walks out. Good for him. ¾*

They replay Sable shoving down Marc Mero back at No Way Out. An interview with these two lovers is coming your way – NEXT!

Before we go to that interview, we hear from Recon about what’s happening with the Truth Commission. He doesn’t think there’s any problems, but then Sniper comes over and shows us his anger. Hmpfh.

Jerry Lawler handles the interview duties with Sable and Marc Mero. She takes her robe off on the entrance ramp and leaves it lying there to show off the goods. Some plant throws a rose in the ring and Sable picks it up. Lawler only seems to want to hear Mero’s side as Mero explains that when he was out with reconstructive knee surgery, he saw Sable running around here modeling Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirts and he didn’t like it. Mero is the one the people come to see. He’s the one who wins matches and makes all the money – not her. He remarks how provocative her clothes are and how she loves all the attention the people give her. As of right now, Sable knows her place and she’ll do exactly what Mero wants because she belongs to him. Lawler brings up the shove on PPV. Mero says he tripped. That’s all. Mero doesn’t let Sable put her hands on him unless he tells her to – if you know what I mean. Some strange looking stagehand brings down a bouquet of flowers for Sable. There’s a secret admirer? Sable tells Mero that they are her flowers and it’s nice that someone is thinking about her for a change. She takes her flowers and leaves Mero behind.

Earlier today, Jim Cornette cut a promo on the fans of the WWF saying they cheered him when he said he would bring back real wrestling, but have done nothing but boo and throw things at him ever since. He says he’s going to give them what he wants to give them whether they like it or not. This sounds like a Vince McMahon attitude. Anyways, the NWA has decided that the Rock N Roll Express must defend their world tag belts here tonight against the Headbangers. To ensure there’s no WWF funny business, they have brought in Tommy Young to referee the match. He makes a comment about the War of ’84 as if any rubes know what *that’s* about.

  • NWA World Tag Team Champions The Rock N Roll Express (w/Jim Cornette) vs. The Headbangers

The RNR Express come out to the old Rockers theme. If the RNR Express don’t feel out of place in this environment, Tommy Young certainly does. Thrasher blind tags on Gibson to start and tries an O’Connor roll, but Gibson puts on the brakes only to turn around into a clothesline. Tag to Mosh, Morton stops a ten-count corner punch on Gibson by yanking Mosh down onto the top rope. Gibson tags out and Morton does such heelish things like RAKING THE BACK~! They work a false tag spot, but Mosh comes back with a double DDT on the RNR Express. Hot tag to Thrasher, the Double Flapjack on Morton sets up the STAGE DIVE! Thrasher covers Morton while Mosh throws Gibson over the top rope for the DQ. (4:04) You can’t throw a guy over the top rope in the old NWA rules, so the RNR Express retain by DQ.

ENTER THE WARZONE! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross welcomes Stone Cold Steve Austin wearing his fanny pack to the ring. Austin actually takes a moment to introduce himself to any new fans watching the program since the Tyson incident. Chyna found out firsthand what he’s been saying all along: don’t mess with Stone Cold. Austin doesn’t know if she’s stupid or needs hearing aids, but she’s lucky he was in such a good mood. Shawn Michaels not being here doesn’t bother him because Austin knows he’s getting ready for WrestleMania 14. He wants Shawn to be at his best because an ass whipping is always the same no matter how good of shape you’re in. As far as Mike Tyson goes, just be the special enforcer of the match. If he sticks his nose in Austin’s business, he’ll take your gold tooth and make a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, or whatever he wants to make out of it. Austin – Michaels – Tyson: the shit’s on and that’s the bottom line cuz Stone Cold Said So. Austin puts on JR’s hat and flips off the crowd before exiting ringside. Lawler tells us that Mike Tyson will be on Raw in two weeks in Cleveland.

There will also be a HUGE sports celebrity added to WrestleMania 14. We’ll find out who this Monday night on Raw. The New Age Outlaws will be taking on the Legion of Doom in a WWF tag titles match as well.

  • WWF European Champion Owen Hart vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/the NWA)

Ref Earl Hebner sends the RNR Express and Barry Windham to the locker room before this match gets started. Owen starts off hot on Jarrett’s trail beating him in and out and back in the ring. Flying body press gets two. Cornette hooks an ankle and helps Jarrett capitalize with the Bossman straddle. Jarrett hits a swinging neckbreaker and ducks a crossbody block by Owen. As Owen falls out on the floor, Corny tries to get his hands on him one more time. Owen chases him into the ring, but Jarrett saves the day with a DDT. Owen comes back with a few nearfalls, but they wind knocking each other down. Ross is impressed at the pace of this match. Owen crotches Jarrett on the ringpost and hits the missile dropkick and kip-up. WOO! Inverted atomic drop leads to an enziguri kick of doom. He applies the SHARPSHOOTER, but Corny comes in swinging the racket and brings him off the hold. Owen slugs Cornette and puts him in the Sharpshooter instead for the DQ. (5:29) Cornette is tapping like crazy. Jarrett looks to whack Owen with the tennis racket, but Owen sees it coming and scares Jarrett away. Not a bad little match. **½

They air a video package talking about Michael PS Hayes (complete with World Class footage!) and how important he was to Dallas wrestling and Reunion Arena as the leader of the Fabulous Freebirds. He comes out to “Badstreet U.S.A.” as the special guest ring announcer for the next match. Although he’s introduced as Dok Hendrix, he’s doing his Michael Hayes shtick. He gets a pretty decent reaction. Before he can begin, the lights go out and here comes Kane and Paul Bearer. GIT OUTTA DERE, DOK! He hits Kane over the head with one of his cowboy boots, but Kane no-sells and gives Hayes a chokeslam and a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. Now light those corners and leave.

  • Brian Christopher & Pirata Morgan vs. TAKA Michinoku & Aguila

I guess Sunny is our plan B guest ring announcer since she has nothing better to do. Christopher tells us on his way to the ring that he “went out and got himself a Mexican.” Morgan and Aguila will kick it off here. When Aguila doesn’t hit a headscissors, Morgan blocks it with a powerbomb. Morgan retreats to the floor and Christopher goes over to help him up when Aguila wipes them both out with a corkscrew plancha. Back in, Christopher really wants TAKA. Michinoku is immediately all over Christopher taking him to the floor. He lands a nice quebrada, but then Christopher gives him a sunset flip powerbomb off the apron. Back inside, Christopher hits the missile dropkick to the back of the head and follows up with a release German suplex. He follows up with a backbreaker and taunts the crowd quite a bit. Tag to Morgan, the same thing happens to TAKA that happened to Aguila as Morgan blocks a headscissors with a powerbomb for two. Flying splash by Morgan misses. In comes Christopher, he wants to powerbomb TAKA when Aguila breaks it up with a spinning heel kick. With Christopher on the floor, the MICHINOKU DRIVER takes care of Morgan for the win. (5:38) Lawler thinks that maybe Christopher needs to pick a better partner – maybe somebody like him. The Christopher-TAKA stuff was good, but Pirata Morgan didn’t do a whole bunch. **½

  • Faarooq (w/the NOD) vs. Steve Blackman

Before the match, the Rock lets us all know that there’s no dissension in the Nation of Domination and presents the rest of the crew with presents. Kama, D’Lo, and Henry all receive $15,000 solid gold Rolex watches. As for Faarooq, Rock admits that Faarooq is the only man who can lead the Nation of Domination. To show him his respect and admiration, he presents Faarooq with a poster of the Rock himself. Faarooq throws the framed poster down and gets real pissed, but here comes Steve Blackman. Rock picks up the poster of himself and can’t stop looking at it through the whole match. Of course, it’s not a very long match. Faarooq quickly hits the DOMINATOR on Blackman. When Rock holds up the poster for all the world to see, Faarooq takes the poster away and goes to whack Blackman. Rock takes the poster back and Faarooq turns around to yell at him. Meanwhile, Blackman schoolboys Faarooq for the upset three-count to continue his winning ways. (1:33) After Rock gets done yelling at Faarooq about the poster, Faarooq beats up the poster and rips it up. Faarooq and the NOD leave Rock in ring to pick up the pieces. No rating.

Michael Cole goes to see what’s happening in the locker room with the Nation of Domination. It’s really loud in there. D’Lo Brown answers his question saying there’s nothing but love in there. Maybe tough love, but love all the same.

  • Marc Mero & Goldust (w/Luna Vachon) vs. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie

Goldust is back to being Goldust and now Luna is dressed up like Marlena. Lawler says Goldust will present the American Dream to the world this coming Monday on Raw. As much as the crowd wants to see her, Mero comes to the ring all by himself without Sable. Goldust and Charlie start out brawling here. When Charlie wins, Mero tags in and wants to go punch for punch with Funk as well. He wins that battle, but then Terry counters a slam with an inside cradle for two. Tag to Cactus, Ross tells us that Cactus and Chainsaw want to do more wrestling than brawling. They show off with a double drop toehold on Mero. Charlie delivers a PILEDRIVER for two. Mero comes back with a DDT and tags in Goldust. As he lands the Flip Flop and Fly on Charlie, Sable comes down to the ring carrying her bouquet of flowers. She lays them down in an opposite corner. Mero of course doesn’t want her out here. Luna goes over and beats the flowers against the ring apron causing Sable to get mad. While the ladies are fighting, all this distraction allows Cactus to hop back in the ring with a chair and KO Goldust. So much for wrestling. Charlie covers Goldust for the three-count. (4:15) Afterwards, Mero, two refs, and Goldust all try to keep Sable and Luna from killing each other as we close the show. *

All this wrestling! It felt more like an episode of Nitro tonight.


M&Ms presents WWF WrestleMania XIV: dX-Raided LIVE ON PPV on March 29 from the Fleet Center in Boston, MA.
WWF Championship (w/Mike Tyson as Special Enforcer): Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWF Intercontinental Championship: The Rock (c) vs. Ken Shamrock
The Undertaker vs. Kane


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