Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (05.25.16)


Lucha Underground
May 25, 2016

Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza (3/23/16)
Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion: Chavo Guerrero (5/18/16)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio Jr. & El Dragon Azteca Jr (4/27/16)

PDR NOTE: I apologize for the delays on this week’s Lucha Underground and Smackdown recaps. I HAVEN’T BEEN HOME. Also, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.

In case you missed last week, here are some highlights:


Before we begin, we check in with Pentagon Jr. at Vampiro’s torture chamber/dojo. He feels he’s ready to return to the Temple to face Matanza, but Vamp doesn’t think so. He’s got CERO MIEDO though! Nevertheless, Vamp wants him to stay.


Your hosts are Matt Striker and Vampiro.

  • Joey Ryan vs. Mascarita Sagrada (w/Famous B & Beautiful Brenda)

I really love Famous B. Joey seems to think Famous B is taking too long to introduce Sagrada though and pearl harbors him. I mean, they used epic movie music and everything to hype up Sagrada! After Joey sticks his blow pop down into his tights, Sagrada headscissors him out to the floor for a tope suicida. Back inside, Joey threatens to press slam Sagrada and doesn’t seem to have the strength, so Ryan slams him instead. Sagrada however fireman carry slams Joey and hits a flying moonsault for 1-2-NO! Famous B loses his mind and gives the ref his card. Meanwhile, Sagrada kicks Joey in the nuts, but Joey is too cock strong. Ugh, now they’re bringing *that* whole thing to Lucha Underground? Joey is so excited that he can withstand a kick to the balls that he gets rolled up and nearly pinned. He finally has enough and tornado DDTs Sagrada for the three-count. (3:18) Entertaining if not completely ridiculous. *

Video package on Taya. She goes alone to a bar wearing a cocktail dress and then beats up dudes when they ask to buy her a drink. Next thing we know, she’s driving away in an expensive sports car with man bun Johnny Mundo.

Elsewhere, King Cuerno is sitting in his man cave cutting a promo on Mil Muertes about being the “King of the Jungle”. He has the DEAD BODY of Mil Muertes still lying in his casket leaned up against a wall behind glass like one of his trophy kills. CREEPY~!

  • Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Championship: Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Cage

Kind of brilliant on Cage’s part for getting this 1-on-1 title match instead of having to fight off six others last week to win the title. Cage gets rough with Chavo to start drilling him with clotheslines in the corner. To the floor, Chavo tries a pescado and gets caught. It’s bad news bears for Chavo because he’s driven into barricades and ringposts all around ringside. Guerrero headscissors him out to the floor though and takes down Cage with a tope suicida. Draping DDT gets two. Chavo gets caught again though, but avoids a springboard moonsault. He bars the knee a little bit, but lets the crowd’s boos get to him. Cage comes back with a superplex from the apron and a Sitout Alabama Slam gets two. Guerrero avoids an F5 and tornado DDTs Cage for a two count of his own. Chavo nails Cage with a rolling Koppou kick, but Cage NO-SELLS and destroys Chavo with the discus clothesline for two. Guerrero fights off a superplex with a sunset flip powerbomb and hits the FROG SPLASH for 1-2-NO! He starts channeling the spirit of Eddie as he tries the Three Amigos. Cage stops the third suplex and delivers the ORANGE CRUSH. I think even Kobashi would have to be impressed. He holds onto Chavo and delivers a buckle bomb as well. DRILL CLAW to Chavo! Good night. (7:58) Ladies and gents, we have a *NEW* Gift of the Gods champion. Cage throws Chavo out of the ring and immediately cashes in the GotG title by challenging Matanza to an LU title match – next week! For my money, this was Chavo’s best match in Lucha Underground. ***¼

In the back, Taya shows Jack Evans and PJ Black that Johnny Mundo has left Fenix for dead in the locker room. At first Jack and PJ are pissed, but then realize Mundo is their new partner. They play air guitar together for some reason. CRINGE WORTHY~!

Meanwhile, Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro (they’re undercover cops, remember?) have broken Dario Cueto’s fourth amendment rights by ransacking his office without a warrant because they have no evidence that he’s a scumbag. They come across his money drawer and Joey figures he will go ahead and get his bonus for the year when Cisco walks in wondering what they are up to. It seems like their cover might be blown, but then he’s just pissed they are robbing El Jefe without him. He plans to go tell Dario when Joey goes all cop on him by yelling “FREEZE” and pulling out a gun. You idiot. Castro then places Cisco under arrest while Joey shows him his shield. What exactly is Cisco being arrested for? He has the right to be told why he’s being arrested! Individual rights violations all over the place here, folks.

  • Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Los Dream Team (c) vs. Los Tres Man Buns (w/Taya)

Evans and Dragon Azteca start us off. Jack hates dragons though. They share a nice headlock and shoulderblock exchange that switches over to headscissors. Dragon kicks Evans to the floor and fakes a dive. Now we get Puma and Black. He pushes away Puma’s backflip headscissors and kicks him in the gut. Puma gets caught in the tree of woe over on the bad side of town culminating in a double stomp by Black. Huge double backdrop by Mundo and Black. Evans delivers a standing moonsault off of Puma’s chest, which is pretty awesome. Just so much heel charisma in Evans. Puma fights back by throwing Evans into Black for a DDT position and delivers a neckbreaker to Black to DDT to Evans at the same time. HOT TAG TO MYSTERIO. A satellite headscissors takes down Mundo so that Puma and Dragon can double team. Running SSP to Mundo by Puma gets two. Puma tilt-a-whirls Dragon and throws him into Mundo for the DDT, but Mundo powers out and uses Dragon to kick away Puma. Still holding onto Puma, Mundo flips Dragon away into Puma. Back to Black, he presses Puma into a cutter for two. Puma fires back with a spinning back kick. He fights off Mundo, but gets nailed from behind by Evans. Rey flies in with a headscissors to take out Evans. Rey ends up on Mundo’s shoulders and they head to the floor where Mysterio headscissors Mundo into the apron. Not to be outdone, Dragon slingshots himself to the floor and headscissors Mundo as well. Meanwhile in the ring, there’s kicks everywhere. Evans and Puma battle up top culminating in Evans headscissoring Puma into Black only for Puma to then headscissors Black over. It didn’t come off perfect, but I’m not a huge stickler for botched spots like some. Rey hits Black with the 619 and Puma delivers the 630 SENTON, but Mundo pulls out the ref. With no conscious referee, Los Tres Man Buns start kicking Los Dream Team in the nuts. AWESOME. A Double Stomp Ushikoroshi combo by Evans and Black to Puma! Another kick to Puma’s nuts! Brainbuster to Puma! END OF THE WORLD by Mundo! There’s replacement ref Rick Knox! Cover, 1-2-NO! Good grief. Puma flips out of a Super German Suplex (!!) and falls back into a hot tag to Dragon. That has to be horror on your knees. While Dragon hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Mundo and has the pin, Taya has Knox distracted. Evans sneaks in the ring and blatantly drills Dragon with a chair to the back. With Knox none the wiser, Mundo then rolls over and gets the three-count. (11:31) Ladies and gents, we have new trios champs! Mundo holds Lucha Underground gold for the first time. He’s been here since the beginning and has finally achieved that goal. Anyways, just a really fun match from these six. I love seeing the heels being confident in their heelish ways and bringing the heat to these do-gooders. One of my favorite trios matches from the year here. ****

NEXT WEEK: Matanza versus Cage for the Lucha Underground title!

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