SLACKAMANIA DVD REVIEW – WWE: Ultimate Warrior – Always Believe DVD Recap (Disc Two)


WWE: Ultimate Warrior – Always Believe
Three-Disc DVD Set
Released: 4/14/2015


  • Dingo Warrior (w/Gary Hart) vs. Perry Jackson & Chico Cabello – (World Class Championship Wrestling, 7/25/86)

This is VERY early in the Dingo Warrior period. He may have been in World Class for a month at this point. He’s got the Warrior logo painted on his face and he’s all about the snarling and growling noises. Gary gives him an awesome pep talk getting Dingo psyched up to teach these ham-and-eggers what it’s like to be a wrestler. Perry gets dumped so that Dingo can throw Chico around. Big powerslam on Chico takes care of him at 1:11. Perry jumps Dingo and it’s not working. Kicks and chops on Perry lead to the GORILLA PRESS SLAM. Warrior slaps on a camel clutch and gets the submission. (2:25) Gary Hart – “If you don’t like the Dingo Warrior, do something about it.” Those are words to live by.

  • Dingo Warrior vs. Big Bear Collie – (World Class Championship Wrestling, 6/2/87)

Warrior is looking more like the “Ultimate Warrior” character in this match. He’s the WCWA Texas heavyweight champ here. He defeated Bob Bradley for the belt back in February. While it’s not *the* major championship in World Class, it’s the second most important singles title there. Interestingly enough, his biggest career rival Rick Rude was the holder of the WCWA world heavyweight championship during Warrior’s reign as the Texas heavyweight champion. During his time in World Class, Warrior would also hold onto the WCWA world tag team titles with Lance Von Erich for a short period in late 1986 after they beat the awesome pairing of Matt Borne and Buzz Sawyer for the titles. They would lose to another awesome heel team of Brian Adias and Al Madril. Fritz Von Erich joins Bill Mercer for commentary to put over Warrior. Warrior tries a dropkick early on and he just isn’t agile enough to do that. He just needs to stick with power moves. Play off your strengths. They play off an armbar for a bit. Warrior chops Big Bear in the corner, but misses a charge allowing Big Bear to take over. Here comes Warrior with a comeback. A big back elbow nearly knocks Collie out. Warrior hits a clotheslines and applies a bear hug until Collie gives up. (3:40) Fritz says nobody today is strong enough to make the bear hug effective like they did in his day. Well, I think Warrior just proved you wrong, old man. ½*

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Frenchy Martin – (Madison Square Garden, 11/24/87)

We have Gorilla Monsoon, Lord Alfred Hayes, and Nick Bockwinkel on commentary. Bock is heeling it up making the Warrior look dumb. Frenchy stalls a bit trying to figure out what to do with the Warrior. He gets slammed onto his shoulder and it’s time to go home. Warrior gives Frenchy a couple standing clotheslines and pins him. (4:39) Turns out Frenchy broke his collar bone thanks to Warrior’s sloppiness here. Frenchy starts managing Dino Bravo soon after this match, but comes back and works some more occasional enhancement matches in 1990. CRAP

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Brian Costello – (WWF Wrestling Challenge, 11/29/87)

Heenan’s comments on the WOYAH are awesome here. He knows nothing about the background of Warrior. He says in two weeks he’ll know EVERYTHING. Warrior hits a vertical suplex and the GORILLA PRESS SLAM takes care of Costello at 1:56. This was not his TV debut, but Heenan seems concerned about Warrior now that they are building him to go into a feud with Rick Rude.

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Iron Mike Sharpe – (Philadelphia Spectrum, 12/5/87)

Sharpe is subbing for Bob Orton Jr. here. Craig DeGeorge and Dick Graham are on commentary. This is a match I really wish we had Kal Rudman instead of DeGeorge just to hear what he would have to say about Warrior. Sharpe stalls a little bit to start. He goes to the eyes of the Warrior, but Warrior comes right back with a slam. They do a test of strength. Warrior goes to his knees, but gets up and forces Sharpe into the corner. Warrior misses a charge and Sharpe uses the ropes to work on his neck. Sharpe can’t seem to smash Warrior’s face on the turnbuckle and gets his own face smashed a bunch. A shoulderblock and a clothesline sets up Sharpe for the GORILLA PRESS SLAM for the win. (6:37) DeGeorge and Graham can’t believe how Warrior manhandles Sharpe here. It’s what he always does! *

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Conquistador #1 – (WWF Wrestling Challenge, 5/8/88)

Monsoon and Heenan talk about whether or not Hercules can beat the Ultimate Warrior. Heenan still hasn’t found out any new information on Warrior since November. GORILLA PRESS SLAM ends the Conquistador at 2:17.

  • WWF Intercontinental Championship: Ultimate Warrior (c) vs. Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart) – (Boston Garden, 10/10/88)

Honky continues his series of rematches with Warrior since he lost the IC title back at SummerSlam. Warrior BUM RUSHES THE SHOW and absolutely destroys both HTM and Jimmy. Honky nails Warrior with the megaphone to take control. Before Warrior gets to seriously shaking those ropes, Honky grabs him for the Shake Rattle and Roll only to be taken over with a backdrop. VINTAGE WARRIOR COMEBACK. Before Honky can take the Gorilla Press Slam, Jimmy jumps on Warrior’s back for the DQ. (3:55) Honky throws powder (Trongard thinks it could be angel dust?) in Warrior’s eyes after the bell. Honky KABONGS him in the gut and over the shoulders, but then Warrior stands up and beats his chest sending Honky and Hart hightailing it to the locker room. Even though he’s blinded, Warrior finds the guitar and breaks it on the mat. ¾*

  • WWF Intercontinental Championship: Rick Rude (c) (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Ultimate Warrior – (Meadowlands Arena, 5/8/89)

Tony Schiavone and Lord Alfred Hayes are on commentary. Hayes thinks Rude deserves to be the IC champ despite the way he won the title at WrestleMania V. Warrior BUM RUSHES THE SHOW and gets a nearfall off a flying double sledge. Wow! He works a bear hug briefly and whips Rude from corner to corner. Warrior kicks Rude around in the tree of woe. Eventually, he misses a charge and collapses on the mat. Rude hits one double sledge from the top, but gets slammed down when he tries another one. Time for the Warrior Splash, but Rude brings up the knees. Warrior just does not sell for any extended period of time. He slams down Rude and heads up top again, but gets distracted by Heenan and knocked off to the mat by Rude. Rude stalks Warrior and gives him a PILEDRIVER. Cover, 1-2-NO! It’s chinlock time for Rude. When Warrior tries to stand up and Rude drops down on his back, Rude stands and poses and gets Warrior’s head driven straight up into his balls. Warrior throws Rude around and clotheslines him a bunch before delivering a PILEDRIVER of his own. He actually does a pretty good piledriver. Anyways, Rude and Heenan head for the exit sign. (10:00) Warrior chases Heenan back through the curtain and into the ring. He abuses Heenan until Rick Rude comes out as Warrior whips Rude into Heenan. Warrior then slams Rude and comes off the ropes a few times before exploding into Rude with a shoulderblock. Yep, time to go. Fun match! ***

  • Ultimate Warrior & King Duggan vs. Andre the Giant & Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) – (Madison, WI – 6/6/89)

Even though he has the king gimmick right now, it’s interesting hearing the Jerry Lawler theme music for Duggan. Some loud stalling to start from the Warrior and Duggan team. No surprise there. Duggan and Rude kick this one off. When Duggan gets a little too punchy for Andre’s liking, he gets into the ring to help out his partner. Warrior gets in the ring as well to knock Andre into the ropes. Rude gets grabbed by Warrior and Duggan as they use him like a battering ram into the exposed belly of Andre. HOOOOO! Warrior tags in and turnbuckle smashes Rude a bunch. Back to Duggan, he avoids a corner charge from Rude and staggers back into Andre for a headbutt. Andre tags in and does what he does against Duggan. He takes a moment to mock Warrior by shaking the ropes. Andre corners Duggan and reaches behind him to untie the turnbuckle pad. Tag to Rude, he grabs a chinlock. Duggan fights out and they collide. Andre reaches down to Rude and tags him. He applies a bear hug on Duggan. As Duggan gets dropped to the mat, Andre sits down on him a few times. Just having fun, Andre tries shaking his hips like Rude. Back to the bear hug. Duggan bites Andre’s nose to escape and smashes Andre’s face on the exposed corner. HOT TAG TO WARRIOR. He thinks it’s a good idea to grab a bear hug instead of clotheslines and such. Andre headbutts out and staggers over to Rude for a tag. They double-team Warrior and there’s not much the ref can do in this situation. Duggan appears and whacks Rude with the 2×4 behind the ref’s back. Warrior gets away from Andre and WARRIOR SPLASHES Rude for the win. (12:50) Good to see Andre just having fun in there when you know he wasn’t feeling well. Tag team wrestling isn’t Warrior’s forte, I must say. ¾*

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. John Weiss – (WWF Wrestling Challenge, 9/24/89)

Warrior is back to being the IC champ after winning it back from Rick Rude at SummerSlam. He wears the title throughout this squashing. He tells the camera that the power of the warriors will become the eighth wonder of the world. Andre the Giant has comments for the Warrior on the split-screen. GORILLA PRESS SLAM and the WARRIOR SPLASH gets the win at 2:45.

  • WWF Intercontinental Championship: Ultimate Warrior (c) vs. Andre the Giant – (Maple Leaf Gardens, 10/29/89)

This is the day after Warrior gave Andre his only pinfall loss in MSG in mere seconds after a bunch of clotheslines. Warrior is wearing his neon colored outfit here which is appropriate for 1989. Lots of choking to start from Andre. Warrior battles back and knocks Andre into the ropes. He charges Andre, but runs into a boot. This is a mess for a little bit as they roll around on the mat. Warrior ends up slamming Andre, but Andre brings up his fist to block a Warrior Splash. It’s bear hug time. Warrior gets out and hammers on Andre until he clotheslines him through the ropes to the floor. When Andre gets back inside, he pulls the ref in the way of a clothesline. Andre headbutts Warrior down and delivers an elbow drop, but no ref. When ref Danny Davis wakes up, he calls for the bell. (10:41) Since he feels Warrior is beaten, Heenan gets in the ring and hands Andre the IC title. They announce Warrior wins via DQ since Andre put his hands on the ref. After the announcement, Warrior clotheslines Andre to the floor and takes his belt back. CRAP

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Brooklyn Brawler – (WWF Wrestling Challenge, 3/11/90)

We are just weeks away from WrestleMania VI. The GORILLA PRESS SLAM and the WARRIOR SPLASH wins in 0:20.

  • WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Ultimate Warrior (c) vs. Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) – (WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, 4/28/90)

This is Warrior’s first title defense on TV. Warrior controls early by tossing Haku in and outside the ring for the first few minutes. Haku fights back with clotheslines and delivers a backbreaker into a pin for two. Back suplex from Haku gets two. He follows up with the GORILLA SPLASH for 1-2-NO! Warrior WARRIORS up, hits a couple shoulderblocks and finishes with the real GORILLA SPLASH to retain. (4:49) Nothing to it really, but I’ll be kind. *

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter (w/Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa) – (WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, 4/27/91)

Col. Mustafa is the Iron Sheik dressed up as an Iraqi colonel. For some reason, in clear view of the Warrior, Slaughter slowly climbs to the top rope only to be slammed to the mat. They go to the floor for a moment, but then Warrior brings Slaughter back in the ring. Slaughter begs off and then goes to the eyes. He dumps Warrior for some Mustafa action and then follows him out to toss him into the ringpost. Back in, Slaughter works over the back to set up the bearhug. Warrior slams out of it, but sells a back injury. They go back to the bearhug as Paul Bearer wheels out a special-made Warrior coffin to ringside. Warrior breaks free of the bearhug, but gets distracted by the coffin and gets clotheslined to the floor. Slaughter stomps away and brings Warrior back in, but then he starts to WARRIOR UP! Clotheslines abound as Bearer opens up the casket. What’s inside?! It’s the Undertaker! Surprise, surprise! Warrior looks to finish off Slaughter, but he’s caught in the gaze of the Undertaker. Mustafa and Adnan attack for the DQ. (7:16) All four men start to beat the crap out of Warrior. Hogan runs down for the save, but Taker NO-SELLS a belt shot. Hogan says “screw that” and chases Slaughter and company back to the locker room while Warrior WARRIORS UP and shoulderblocks Taker over the top rope only to have him land on his feet. Ha, Warrior seems legitimately pissed that Taker won’t sell for him. ½*

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Martel – (WWF Wrestling Challenge, 4/28/91)

Warrior throws Martel around to start. He lands on the floor and Martel gets posted when he gets back on the apron. Undertaker and Paul Bearer appear on the split-screen. Taker calls Warrior his “sacrificial lamb”. Martel catches Warrior going 100 mph and throws him to the floor. He runs Warrior’s back into the post a few times. Commercials! When we come back, Martel is putting the boots to Warrior. He tries coming back as he whips Martel across the ring, but he charges into a knee. Martel applies a backbreaker and locks in the QUEBEC CRAB. Warrior powers out and sends Martel into the corner. Time to WARRIOR UP now. Clotheslines are everywhere. The jumping shoulderblock (as they crack heads) and the WARRIOR SPLASH ends this one. (6:29 shown) Warrior looking strong again after doing the angle with the Undertaker on SNME. *½

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Demolition Smash (w/Mr. Fuji) – (WWF Superstars, 5/18/91)

Demolition is pretty much done after WrestleMania VII, but Smash hadn’t become the Repo Man yet. Lots of clubbering and clotheslines in this one. When Smash takes over, he tosses Warrior out to take a jab from Fuji’s cane. Smash runs Warrior into the post trying to get the countout win. Back inside, it’s time to WARRIOR UP. Clotheslines, the jumping shoulderblock, and the WARRIOR SPLASH gets the win. (5:03) Just JTTS material here as nobody really thought Smash was going to win. Right? Right. ½*

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Skinner – (WWF Superstars, 5/2/92)

This is Warrior’s first match on WWF Superstars since he returned back at WrestleMania VIII from his suspension in 1991. Skinner spits some chew in Warrior’s face and it’s all down here from there for Skinner. The Jumping Shoulderblock and the WARRIOR SPLASH ends Skinner at 1:38.

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango – (Lexington, KY – 5/19/92)

As he is known to do, Warrior is fast and furious to start. He tries putting away Shango with the WARRIOR SPLASH, but hits knees. Shango takes over with clubbering. He grabs a nerve hold for a while. Warrior gets slammed down, but avoids a flying elbow drop. Time to WARRIOR UP. Clotheslines, shoulder blocks, and the WARRIOR SPLASH wins. (5:30) Standard operating procedure. ¾*

  • Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage vs. The Nasty Boys (w/Jimmy Hart) – (SummerSlam Spectacular, 8/23/92)

This comes from one of those USA Network 2-hour specials they would do the Sunday night before a PPV. Warrior and Savage are just DAYS away from squaring off in Wembley Stadium for the WWF world title. There is talk from Vince and Heenan as to whether or not they can co-exist. Warrior fights back on the Nasties and hits them with a double DDT. He tags Savage REAL hard to show Savage where he stands. Savage does the same stuff against the Nasties and double sledges Knobbs into Sags. He tags Warrior who tries to one-up Savage with a double sledge of his own. While Savage and Warrior argue, Knobbs runs them into one another which of course causes problems. Knobbs knocks Warrior to the floor and bounces his face off the steps. Back inside, the Nasties land a double back elbow on Warrior. Side slam by Sags gets two. They keep working over Warrior for a bit until Warrior hits them with a series of double clotheslines. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Commercials! When we come back, Savage takes control and the ref gets bumped. As he goes to give Knobbs a PILEDRIVER, Sags whacks Savage with Hart’s motorcycle helmet. While Warrior goes after Jimmy, Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect appear to beat down the Warrior. WHAT. Meanwhile, the Nasties are attacking Savage with a chair. Perfect does the same with the Warrior. As Flair and Perfect leave, Warrior staggers after them leaving Savage all alone with the Nasty Boys. They wake up Hebner and he counts out Savage to give them the win. (9:21 shown) After the bell, Savage clears the ring with Jimmy Hart’s helmet. The match served its purpose to show Savage and Warrior clearly can’t trust one another. Plus, Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect make it look easy messing with their heads. I don’t even mind that the Nasties looked like jabronis for the most part. Their best days in the WWF were already over and this is a mega team they are facing. *½

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Isaac Yankem DDS (w/Jerry Lawler) – (WWF RAW, 4/29/96)

This will be the last we see of the evil dentist on Monday Night Raw. While using an extension cord, Lawler still does color commentary despite being in Yankem’s corner. Same old stuff from WOYAH. Punches, clotheslines, shoulderblocks, and the WARRIOR SPLASH for the win at 1:39 shown. Needless to say, Lawler is pretty upset. And WOYAH celebrates to close the show.

  • Ultimate Warrior vs. Owen Hart (w/Jim Cornette) – (WWF RAW, 7/8/96)

So WOYAH never paid the appearance bond and this will prove to be his final TV match in the WWF. Since Warrior is now suspended, what does this mean for International Incident? We go LIVE on split-screen to Shawn Michaels and Ahmed Johnson. Shawn says they have secured their third man and he’ll be later in the show. Of course he will! Ahmed mutters something. This has been all Warrior as he dominates Owen with clotheslines. Warrior even NO-SELLS the Spinning Heel Kick, which puts down everybody. Warrior hits a suplex and goes for the Guerrilla Splash, but hits knees. Commercials! When we return, Cornette jabs Warrior in the throat with his racket. Bossman straddle connects. Owen lands an enziguri and celebrates with one of his Slammy awards. HA! Missile Dropkick gets two. Warrior kicks away the Sharpshooter as Davey Boy Smith comes down to ringside. Time to WARRIOR UP! Clotheslines and shoulderblocks everywhere. Bulldog tries to ambush Warrior and fails for the DQ. (8:48 shown) Vader appears to make this 3-on-1. Davey Boy Smith delivers a Running Powerslam and while he and Owen hold down Warrior, Vader scares away the WWF agents and gives Warrior a VADER BOMB. ¾*

Disc three is next! It’s all interviews!

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