Memphis Wrestling: (03.08.80)


Memphis Wrestling
March 8, 1980
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
AWA World Champion: Nick Bockwinkel (11/8/1975)
CWA World Champion: Vacant (2/16/1980)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Jimmy Valiant (1/3/1980)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Billy Robinson & Ken Lucas (3/2/1980)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

  • “Dr. D” David Schultz & Dennis Condrey vs. Rick Morton & Jerry Bryant

Promoter Eddie Marlin’s brother Tommy referees this match. Some early Dennis Condrey and Ricky Morton interaction here. Bryant and Morton control Schultz and Condrey early with armbars and such. Eventually, Bryant gets grabbed by Condrey so that Schultz can come in and blindside Bryant to take over. Condrey delivers a nice gutwrench suplex on the man for a two-count. Hot tag to Morton, and Condrey begs off wanting a handshake. Morton doesn’t fall for those shenanigans and works a headlock. Condrey escapes with a back suplex and now Morton is in trouble. Schultz hits a suplex for a nearfall. Back to Condrey, he hooks Morton with his clothesline. Bryant gets a tag and delivers (but misses by a mile) a dropkick on Schultz for two. Schultz catches Bryant coming off the ropes with the jumping knee strike and tags in Condrey for an elbow drop to pick up the three-count at 5:33.

We get a Louisville Gardens promo with the AWA southern tag champs Billy Robinson and Ken Lucas as they will be defending against Paul Ellering and Ali Hassan. THEY WILL KEEP THE BELTS. Next up, Jimmy Valiant stops by to run down Paul Ellering. During the match, Superstar Bill Dundee will be handcuffed to Jimmy Hart. Now this must be the Jimmy Valiant people like. He was insufferable to me in Mid-Atlantic.

Next up, they show a recent MSC match between Dennis Condrey & “Dr. D” David Schultz and the Gibson brothers. It’s interesting finish as the ref gets bumped and counts the fall on Schultz, but Condrey comes by and elbow drops Robert and then puts Schultz on top of Robert so that when the ref wakes up, he sees Schultz on top of Robert and awards the match to Condrey and Schultz. Brilliant!

Back to the MSC, we see an AWA southern heavyweight title match between the champ Jimmy Valiant and Paul “The King” Ellering. Ref Jerry Calhoun catches Paul Ellering using Jimmy Hart’s cane on Valiant and gets DQ’ed. As Ellering and Hart do a number on Valiant, Superstar Bill Dundee makes the save and runs them off.

  • Jimmy Valiant & Steve Regal vs. Buddy Wayne & David Oswald

Regal does all that wrestling stuff against Oswald and Wayne, but then Jimmy tags in and throws punches and kneels on Oswald to get the win in 2:47.

  • Ricky & Robert Gibson vs. Paul Ellering & Sheik Ali Hassan (w/Jimmy Hart)

Dave points out that Hassan has a “gas can” or something close to it on the pre-match gimmick he’s wearing. This is an expiration of time match so the team with the most falls wins. Ricky Gibson has his head bandaged. They play around with headlocks and armbars to start. It’s a pretty even match between these two teams. Robert gets cornered on the wrong side of town for a little bit, but his brother saves the day. Ricky rolls up Hassan after a dropkick and gets a nearfall. Tag to Ellering, Ricky for some reason decides it’s a good idea to have a test of strength with the muscle man. When it looks like Ricky is losing the battle, he runs his foot down Ellering’s shin. Next up, Hassan gets into a test of strength with Ricky. He nearly gets his hands stepped on, but gets his feet stomped on instead. Robert works on Ellering’s arm. He gets slammed, but avoids an elbow from Ellering. Tag to Ricky, he snapmares and slams Hassan for an inside cradle to get another two-count. Ellering and Ricky struggle on the mat for a few moments. Back to Robert, he puts Hassan in a spinning toe hold and bridges back to try to get a pinfall when DENNIS CONDREY AND DAVE SCHULTZ jump in the ring and start stomping for the DQ. (9:10) It’s now 4-on-2 until Superstar Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant save the day. Wild ending there. The match was only mild entertainment. I would like to see a no-DQ eight man tag though! And that’s all the time we’re going to have today. *½

Another Louisville promo this time from Paul Ellering, Sheik Ali Hassan, and Jimmy Hart. Ellering’s biggest problem these days is having all these championships that may cover up that beautiful body he’s worked so hard to achieve!

Lance Russell and Dave Brown close up shop for another week.

Until next time, so long for now.

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