WWF: Raw is War (05.11.98)

WWF: Raw is War
May 11, 1998
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Arena

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: Steve Austin (3/29/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: The Rock (12/8/1997)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (3/30/1998)
European Champion: Triple H (3/17/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku (12/7/1997)

TIME TO GET RAW! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Michael Cole.

In the first ten seconds of the show, Jim Ross announces that we will see footage of D-Generation X at the headquarters of WCW in Atlanta and that WCW called the cops on them.

Mr. McMahon comes down to the ring to begin things. Vince is looking pretty casual tonight in that he’s not wearing a suit like usual. Instead, he’s got the first few buttons on his white Brooks Brothers oxford shirt unbuttoned. He’s also got a smile on his face while the crowd chants for Stone Cold Steve Austin. McMahon says Austin will be forced into competing in a tag team match tonight. He introduces us to a man who is willing to make the sacrifice to be the #1 contender for the WWF title: DUUUUDE LOOOVE. While the Dude Love theme plays, Mick Foley comes down to the ring wearing a suit and tie with his hair up in a ponytail. Don’t think he’s too overdressed though – he’s still wearing sweats and wrestling shoes. Vince also has Dude carrying a copy of the Wall Street Journal! Dude says last week he didn’t know who he was, but this week he does. Dude is a well-educated man, speaks four different languages, reads Greek tragedies, and he’s a student of American history. He is a lover of women, a leader of men, and a surprisingly good dancer (for a big man). He is the king of hardcore wrestling and as Austin will find out at Over the Edge, he is the world’s toughest S.O.B. He is the future WWF champion. He is DUDE LOVE. They shake hands. Dude says it seemed he had “lost his smile” (HA!), but he has found his smile once again thanks to Mr. McMahon. Dude wants a hug and Vince obliges him. McMahon says he has a surprise for us all and introduces the timekeeper for the Dude’s WWF title match for Over the Edge. It’s Gerald Brisco! He comes down to boos and embraces Dude and McMahon. Vince says they need a guest ring announcer: it’s Pat Patterson. Ross refers to him as a long-time McMahon loyalist. There will also be a very special guest referee. Vince says this man stands tall amid an abyss of mediocrity. His sheer physical presence is nothing short of awe inspiring. This guest referee is a man of principle to the extent that he can swim in a sea of temptation and never run amuck. He will set new standards in officiating here in the WWF. The guest referee is…nobody? Nobody comes down the ramp. Brisco and Patterson say something to Vince and McMahon then heads to the back. After a few moments pass, Pat Patterson gets on the mic and says the guest referee will be the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be…it’s VINCE MCMAHON IN A MUSCLE SHIRT! Ross cries conspiracy because it’s completely obvious now. Cole doesn’t think Austin can overcome all these odds. Vince hits the corners mocking Austin. By the way, Austin has yet to make it to the Baltimore Arena. All four guys stand tall in the ring as Mr. McMahon has certainly made his plan clear to destroy Stone Cold Steve Austin at Over the Edge.

In the back, Kevin Kelly is standing there looking goofy waiting for Steve Austin to appear. Sable walks by and KK wants a word with her, but Sable has no time for hermaphrodites tonight.

They share with us some footage of DX driving their jeep to the WCW offices. DX doesn’t fear no trespassing signs! Some security guard schmuck gives them the time of day for some reason. There’s a mention of the cops coming to meet with them. Back in the arena, Ross says WCW VP Nick Lambros was the one who called 911 on DX. Well, yeah. They were trespassing on PRIVATE PROPERTY. They were making a scene. I would have done the same.

Now over to Kevin Kelly. He’s still hoping to see Stone Cold Steve Austin. A door rises backstage and KK is hoping it’s Austin, but it’s actually Al Snow and Head. Wow, Snow actually got a pop from the crowd. He’s confused on how to get to his seat though. Apparently, Head told him the wrong directions. Kevin Kelly helps them out as Snow walks off arguing with Head. This is the WWF debut of Al Snow and Head, by the way. Ross wonders what those two are doing here.

  • Vader vs. Barry Windham (w/Jim Cornette and the New Midnight Express)

This is the in-ring return of Vader. We haven’t seen him in the ring since No Way Out back in February. Vader wears a V-neck shirt over his normal attire for some reason. He clubs on Windham in the corner and hits the Body Attack. Windham tries a sunset flip, but Vader slips and collapses on his sternum. Ouch. Ross announces that Vader will meet Kane at Over the Edge in a mask match. Yet another gimmick match for Kane where the result is plainly obvious. Windham fires back with a boot and the LARIAT. Of course it’s not really a finish anymore. Windham hits a back suplex and dumps out Vader in front of the NME for some double-teaming. Back inside, Vader sits down on a sunset flip on purpose this time. Running splash gets two. Vader drags Windham to the corner for the VADER BOMB and that’s all she wrote. (2:07) Afterwards, Bodacious Bart and Bombastic Bob attack and fail. Vader doesn’t hang around for any more of that nonsense and heads to the locker room. ½*

Stone Cold Steve Austin will debut on MTV’s Celebrity Death Match on May 14 at 7:30PM EST. Hey, remember when MTV was halfway entertaining and didn’t make videos about what white males should or shouldn’t do? Those were the days, I tell ya.

Next thing we know, Steve Austin has arrived to the Baltimore Arena in a Lincoln Continental. That seems odd, right? Anyways, we take a commercial break. When we come back, Kevin Kelly lets Austin know what Vince announced earlier in the show. None of this phases Stone Cold. He wants to know where Vince is. Kevin Kelly doesn’t have any idea. Since he’s absolutely no help, Austin steals the mic away from him. When there’s not enough slack, he throws the mic down and goes to look for Vince on his own.

  • Road Warrior Hawk (w/Road Warrior Animal & Sunny) vs. Skull (w/8-Ball)

Ross mentions that neither LOD nor the DOA will be getting their hands on DX at Over the Edge. Instead, the Nation will be facing DX in six-man tag action on May 31. For what reason would they be wrestling each other? It’s like they have reached point C and skipped over points A and B. This is a slobberknocker match as you might have expected. After Hawk misses a corner charge and runs his shoulder into the post, the twins do a switch and Hawk gets pinned with an inside cradle at 2:32.

More footage of DX in Atlanta. Since they couldn’t get into the WCW HQ in Smyrna, they go to the CNN Center. They can’t really film anything there. DX tells security guards that they want to talk to Ted Turner because they are dear friends. Of course that’s not happening. They end up crotch-chopping with some fans and that’s about it.

Edge promo airs. He hangs out in subways and seems pretty pissed about something.

Earlier today, TAKA Michinoku was seen smoking cigars with Bradshaw before he taught the young Japanese guy how to drive. TAKA says something that gets bleeped and Bradshaw laughs. TAKA has no clue what he’s doing and nearly runs down some fans. When they come back inside from the building from their little driving lesson, KAIENTAI jumps them for a beating.

  • Faarooq (w/Steve Blackman) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Tennessee Lee)

Faarooq has got some new music this week since he has left the Nation behind. It’s no “Don’t Step to Ron”, but it’ll do. I have a feeling Blackman won’t be able to contain himself at ringside. Yep, it’s only a matter of moments before he kicks Jarrett around. Back in, Jarrett comes back with a swinging neckbreaker and hits the Bossman straddle. Faarooq fires back with an atomic drop and a clothesline puts Jarrett on the floor. Tennessee Lee tries to distract Blackman, but he turns back around and decks Jarrett with a Bicycle Kick. Back in, Faarooq has to put down Jarrett when he’s got him up in the DOMINATOR as Kama and Mark Henry attack him for the DQ. (1:55) As Blackman helps out Faarooq as he corners Kama, Jarrett whacks him with Blackman’s own nun chucks. After Kama and Henry have left Faarooq lying there, Jarrett continues to assault Blackman with the nun chucks as referees come down to make Jarrett leave the ring. Wild stuff! ½*

Brisco Bros. Auto Shop ad airs. Awesome. Would you trust a wrestler to give you an honest auto repair bill? I know I wouldn’t.

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to the ring. Apparently, he didn’t find Mr. McMahon. Since he’s put in a tag match with an unnamed partner and unnamed opponents, Austin feels he’s owed some answers. Well, Mr. McMahon (still wearing his referee t-shirt) and his two stooges appear on the TitanTron. Nobody seems willing to give Austin any answers. They give Austin the “speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil” stance. Real cute. Austin says they can cover up their eyes, ears, and mouths but they can’t cover up their ass. When it’s all said and done, that’s exactly where he’s going to stick the WWF championship belt and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold Said So. Ross says he may be fired for saying this, but he declares the treatment of this WWF champion is unfair.

Sable is seen stretching in the back getting ready for her confrontation with Marc Mero.

Val Venis promo. HELLO LADIES! It’s kind of a montage of all these vignettes. Jenna Jameson is never seen. Get your rest now, ladies. He’s coming to the WWF.

ENTER THE WARZONE! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

  • Sable vs. Marc Mero

Not a real match – it’s just a showdown. Lawler says he took some Viagra just before this segment. Alright then. Mero picks up Sable threatening a TKO, but puts her down gently because he’s a perfect gentleman. Next thing you know, she’s kicking Mero in the balls and gives him a SABLEBOMB. Don’t sell that, Mark. Get right back up. You loser!

Next thing we know, the Undertaker appears at the announce table. Clearly he’s here to get his hands on Lawler. He backs up Lawler and tears away the headset. Taker punches Lawler into the ring and gives him a Chokeslam. He picks up Lawler for a TOMBSTONE, but the lights go out. HERE COMES KANE AND PAUL BEARER. Bearer says he will prove once and for all that he is Kane’s father – next week. Now set those corners on fire as you leave. When the lights come back on, Taker gives Lawler the TOMBSTONE after all – because he can.

After the break, Al Snow and Head take their seats at the announce table. He’s not supposed to be there though. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco come out to have security escort him away. Snow says he needs to see Mr. McMahon. Well anyways, he hops in the ring to pose for the crowd before he leaves.

Back in Atlanta, Triple H declares Operation DX complete. Can you imagine what kind of controversy having a jeep with a cannon pointed at the CNN Center in 2017 would cause? DX tells the CNN Center to suck it and they send an animated missile in the CNN Center blowing it up. It might seem edgy in 1998, but it just seems childish now. Maybe it would then too if I were 30 years old.

And now DX is in Baltimore. Being that Baltimore is traditionally a WCW town, there’s a mixed reaction for this crew. Since this is a LIVE edition of RAW, X-Pac responds to comments made by Eric Bischoff earlier in the night on Nitro refusing to apologize to Waltman and essentially calling Waltman a stooge for Mr. McMahon. Of course the live crowd has no idea what he’s really talking about. Maybe the channel flippers do, but that’s about it. He doesn’t get too specific though so it’s not that big of a deal. X-Pac mentions that he never wanted an apology from Bischoff – he just wanted Bischoff to be a man and not when it was just convenient for him. He doesn’t kiss ass here in the WWF and he never did in WCW which is why he’s not there anymore, so SUCK IT. The Outlaws do their thing and announce that if you aren’t with DX, yo ass better call somebody. Oh yeah, and Triple H does his Michael Buffer thing as well. As Helmsley continues to talk about his dick, Owen Hart appears at the top of the ramp. He says he’s got unfinished business with Triple H. Looks like we’ve got an impromptu match here. It looks like he’s coming down alone, but then he’s joined by the rest of the Nation. Now Owen’s heel turn makes MUCH more sense.

  • Triple H (w/DX) vs. Owen Hart (w/the Nation)

The match started during the break and we come back to see Helmsley stomping down Owen in the corner. Jim Cornette has replaced Lawler. Owen fights back and hits an atomic drop and a gutwrench suplex on Helmsley. He telegraphs a backdrop and takes a HHH facebuster for two. High Knee gets two as well. Piledriver scores another nearfall on Owen. He comes right back with a DDT on Helmsley and rolls over on top for two. Owen ties up Helmsley in the ropes, but the ropes are too tight. Owen decides to just kick Helmsley in the nuts instead. Reverse neckbreaker and a flying elbow gets two. The Nation gets their hands on Triple H. While the ref is busy splitting up the two factions, Owen delivers a piledriver. Delayed count gets two. The Spinning Heel Kick misses, but the ENZIGURI KICK OF DEATH does not. Owen gets stopped up top though. He manages to send Triple H back down to the mat. While the ref is grabbed by Helmsley, Chyna trips up Owen. She then arms herself with a chair while the rest of the Nation is held at bay. (about 7:00 shown) This match ends without a decision as DX gets in the ring. Commissioner Slaughter, refs, and also agents are down at ringside trying to keep both sides apart and the segment ends just like that. *½

Goldust without the gimmick (so Dustin Runnels) comes out to the ramp with a trash can and a gas can. He’s also got his Goldust attire and his wig. Runnels puts all of that in the trash can, pours gasoline on his gimmick, and sets fire to it all. Umm, WHAT? Runnels says Vince McMahon has taken away his pride and dignity because of him and his sick imagination. McMahon has caused him to lose his father and now he’s lost his family – all for a wig and for being a freak. Since he couldn’t beat Steve Austin, Vince punished him by putting him in the ring with Kane. Dustin says he won’t take this abuse anymore and says Goldust dies tonight. Look into his teary eyes right now and Vince will never forget the name of Dustin. Well then.

  • Handicap Match: Terry Funk & Scorpio vs. Kaientai (w/Yamaguchi-san)

Of course they jump Funk and Scorpio from behind because they’re Japanese. Kaientai consists of Dick Togo, Men’s Teioh, and Sho Funaki. As they triple-team Scorpio to start, Funk saves the day and dumps out Dick Togo to give him an atomic drop into Yamaguchi-san. Meanwhile, Teioh and Funaki give Scorpio a double-team DDT. Scorpio fights back and delivers THREE POWERBOMBS to everybody in Kaientai. After all that, he misses a Flying Moonsault. Kaientai however TRIPLE DROPKICKS Scorpio into a hot tag to Funk. He goes SPINNING TOE HOLD CRAZY, but winds up getting triple-teamed until Bradshaw and TAKA Michinoku attack Kaientai for the DQ. (3:12) Fun little match. *

Backstage, we see Mr. McMahon talking to somebody saying Austin has never had a physical specimen like you and we can’t see who he’s talking to.

When we return, Al Snow and Head are still trying to get into the building. They lost their tickets and security gets rid of Snow and Head. Cornette – “This isn’t WCW. There are no free tickets here.”

Well, the Nation come out to the ring again. The fire between the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin has been reignited, says the Rock. Unless Austin’s partner is Godzilla, he better get ready because the Rock is about to lay the smackdown on the WWF champ.

We see Austin getting ready to walk out of the curtain. Meanwhile, Brisco and Patterson are getting pretty handsy with Mr. McMahon. Ross smells something fishy.

  • Steve Austin & ??? (w/Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson) vs. The Rock & D’Lo Brown (w/the Nation)

So who will be Austin’s partner? It’s VINCE MCMAHON IN A REFEREE MUSCLE SHIRT~! Look at the guns! Austin looks for the STONE COLD STUNNER early on the Rock, but Rock escapes and bails. D’Lo fails to jump Austin from behind and gets pitched to the floor. Austin runs over and catches Patterson and Brisco napping for a DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER. As Rock is walking up the ramp, Austin drills him with a clothesline. After some more ringside violence, Austin brings Rock into the ring with a suplex for two. Tag to D’Lo, Austin catches him with the Lou Thesz Press and the fists follow. Austin gets dumped to the floor to be stomped by the heels. Back in, D’Lo abuses Austin in the corner and tags out. Austin runs down Rock with a clothesline and takes Rock back out to the floor only to be violently whipped into the steps. Back in the ring, the camera glances over at Vince who stands there on the apron trying super hard to hide his big grin. The People’s Elbow gets two. Austin escapes a chinlock and applies a sleeperhold, but D’Lo saves the day by lowering the boom from behind. Austin gets out of another chinlock and finds himself in position for the ROCK BOTTOM, but he elbows away the Rock. We get a double KO, but then D’Lo walks right over the Rock and legdrops Austin to keep him down. Rock slams Austin for the LO DOWN, but Austin moves out of the way. As wrestlers traditionally do in situations like this, they go to tag their partner. However in this case, Austin’s partner is Mr. McMahon. He gives McMahon the bird and turns back around to keep fighting. He essentially hot tags himself there and starts clotheslining and gives the Nation boys a DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER. He stomps a mudhole and walks it dry on the Rock and then avoids a corner charge from D’Lo to launch him into the Rock. STONE COLD STUNNER to D’Lo! He covers D’Lo, but moves when Rock tries to break up the pin with an elbow drop. Austin throws out the Rock, but then turns around into the worst clothesline you have ever seen from Mr. McMahon for the no-contest finish. (8:20) McMahon orders Patterson and Brisco to stomp the life out of Austin. They hold him up for McMahon, but Austin kicks away Vince and punches away Patterson and Brisco. Dude Love appears – still in his suit and tie – and runs down Austin. While he’s pounding the life out of Austin, DUSTIN RHODES appears to help out Austin! DX meets the Nation in the ring for a giant brawl, but we’re out of time! GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY. **½

Until next time, so long for now.

Over the Edge: In Your House (brought to you by Castrol GTX) premieres Sunday, May 31 LIVE ON PPV at 7PM EST from the Wisconsin Center Arena in Milwaukee, WI.
D-Generation X vs. The Nation
Mask versus Mask: Vader vs. Kane
LOD 2000 vs. The Disciples of Apocalypse


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