WCW: Monday Nitro (05.18.98)


WCW: Monday Nitro
May 18, 1998
Providence, RI
Providence Civic Center

The current WCW champs are as follows:
WCW World Champion: Hollywood Hogan (4/20/1998)
WCW U.S. Champion: Bill Goldberg (4/20/1998)
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Giant & Sting (5/17/1998)
WCW World Television Champion: Fit Finley (5/4/1998)
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Dean Malenko (5/17/1998)

Only one hour tonight coming from you LIVE at 7PM EST because game two of the Jazz-Lakers western conference finals begins LIVE at 8:30PM EST. The Utah Jazz will win 99-95.

EXCITING STILL SHOTS: Last night at Slamboree, the Giant and Sting are now WCW world tag team champions thanks to Scott Hall turning on his buddy Kevin Nash.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko.

Eric Bischoff is sitting on his fancy Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a ridiculously large crown on his head. With a big smile on his face, he gloats about being undefeated in wrestling after winning last night over Vince McMahon. The man just didn’t have the guts to show up!

After the break, Gene Okerlund introduces us to the Nitro Girls calling them out by name.

Let Us Take You Back: Thunder, 5/15/98. They re-air the Perry Saturn promo where he talks down to Glacier about doing the side kick.

  • Saturn vs. Psychosis

Not as competitive as I’d hoped it would be. Psychosis shows off with a few kicks and a tope, but that’s about it. Saturn stuns Psychosis with a dragon suplex, the DREADED SIDE KICK, the Death Valley Driver, and then the RINGS OF SATURN submits Psychosis. (2:33) No Glacier confrontation. This thing is really getting heated between those two! ¾*

EXCITING STILL SHOTS: We see what happened at the end of the Bret Hart and Randy Savage match from Slamboree.

Gene Okerlund brings out Roddy Piper who is introduced as the “acting commissioner” of WCW. What is JJ Dillon’s job then? Head of the board of directors? I can’t keep up. Piper says being a referee is the worse job in the world. He tells not to be fooled by Elizabeth. This lady *drools* acid. While she’s saying things to Roddy that would embarrass a sailor, he claims Randy Savage hit him in the back of the head. Tony reminds us that it didn’t happen that way. Nevertheless, Piper calls out Randy Savage. Once Savage comes out to the ring, Piper now says he’s watched the tape back over again and saw what really happened. He then decides to reverse the decision and awards the match to Savage via DQ. Well, here comes Bret Hart. He’s mad and calls them gutless. I guess Bret won’t job in Worcester either. It looks like we could see another showdown between Bret Hart and Randy Savage when Hollywood Hogan, the Disciple, and Eric Bischoff show up to cool off Bret. Since Hogan heard his name mentioned, he feels the need to get in the middle of this and convinces Bret to team up with him against Savage and Piper at the Great American Bash. Piper wants the match tonight. Hogan threatens Piper, but he’s not exactly knocking over Bischoff to get to him as Larry Z mentions. Well, there’s your Great American Bash main event, ladies and gents. It’s interesting to note that Hogan had yet to wrestle at a Great American Bash PPV and he never would again. He just doesn’t want to wrestle in June, I suppose.

Bobby Heenan replaces Larry Zbyszko for the rest of the show.

They air an interview Gene Okerlund conducted with Dean Malenko after winning back the cruiserweight title from Chris Jericho last night. Okerlund applauds Malenko for what he did despite making him feel like a loser when they last spoke in March. Malenko puts all of that behind him and says there’s more important things to worry about. He’s still got unfinished business with Jericho.

On the other hand, they show Chris Jericho after Slamboree throwing a temper tantrum backstage crying about how there’s a conspiracy against him.

  • Juventud Guerrera vs. Damien

Damien gets more offense on Juventud than I expected here. Once they get to the floor, Damien flips Juvi into the steps and then delivers a running dropkick down the apron. Back inside, Guerrera fires back with a flying headscissors, but then gets crotched in another corner. Damien hits one wild move where he has Juventud in the Muscle Buster position, but drops to his knees instead of a back bump for a neckbreaker. Pretty brutal, but it only gets two. Guerrera comes right back with a Juvi Driver for two. He drags Damien over to the corner for the 450 SPLASH and flubs the move landing on Damien’s ribs with his feet. Damien was too close to the corner. Anyways, Juventud elbow drops him and covers Damien for the win. (3:51) I would say maybe Damien has cracked ribs now, but the good part is that Juventud is only about a buck fifty and not much more. *½

  • WCW U.S. Heavyweight Championship: Bill Goldberg (c) (88-0) vs. Glacier

I guess this is our main event. Glacier kicks at Goldberg like he’s doing a strong grapple on WCW/nWo Revenge, but Goldberg is blocking all the kicks and drills him with a standing clothesline. Say what you will about the Mortal Kombat gimmick, Glacier does take bumps well. He catches Goldberg with an enziguri kick, but Goldberg NO-SELLS. As Glacier tries to kip-up, Goldberg spears him back down. If Glacier hadn’t lost his footing, it would have been a cooler spot. Anyways, the JACKHAMMER ends Glacier for win #89 at 1:55.

Gene Okerlund brings out Diamond Dallas Page for a word. Okerlund questions him on how he does it night after night and furthermore why he does it night after night. DDP quotes Dick Murdoch saying that if he thought about how he did it, he doesn’t know if he could. The reason why he does it is for the fans who JACK HIM UPPPP. Besides that, he’s got his sights set on the WCW world title. When it’s time for a title shot, he hopes it’s Hollywood Hogan because he hasn’t forgot a thing that Hogan has done to him, brother. Yeah, he really wants to bang Hogan, ladies and gents.

Now time for the *real* main event. Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and the rest of the nWo black & white come out to the ring. Hogan talks the usual game about being the icon that everybody worships. Blah blah blah. He brings out Scott Hall as the newest member of the family. You know he started the nWo, right? He did it for the money. Whaddaya gonna do? They never give Hall the mic. Knowing he’s short on time, Bischoff gets on the stick and calls out Sting to announce his decision. Sting walks out towards the ring. Giant is there to meet him in the aisle and gets a big loogie spat in his face by Sting. Like an idiot, Sting turns around and walks away like the Giant was going to let that go. Giant chokes Sting down onto the floor and beats the crap out of him until Kevin Nash appears in his street clothes to scare off the Giant with a lead pipe. WE’RE OUTTA TIME!


Hollywood Hogan & Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper & Randy Savage


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