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February 19, 2007
Bakersfield, CA
Rabobank Arena

The current WWE champions are as follows:
WWE Champion: John Cena (9/17/2006)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Hardy (11/13/2006)
World Tag Team Champions: John Cena & Shawn Michaels (1/29/2007)
WWE Women’s Champion: Mickie James (11/26/2006)

FLASHBACK TO LAST WEEK: Donald Trump showed up to challenge Vince McMahon to a match because he didn’t like being mocked over the Rosie O’Donnell situation on the RAW after the Royal Rumble. Knowing what a horrible match that would be, Vince doesn’t take the bait and proposes they find representatives to wrestle each other instead. Trump must think that’s one of the worst deals he’s ever seen and adds the hair match stipulation. McMahon doesn’t trust Trump as far as he can throw him, but accepts the terms anyways. THE MATCH IS ON!

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