Portland Wrestling: 1980 (VOLUME 10)


Portland Wrestling

The current Portland wrestling champions are as follows as of 8/16/1980:
NWA World Champion: Harley Race (11/7/1979)
PNW Heavyweight Champion: Rick Martel (3/22/1980)
PNW Tag Team Champions: Roddy Piper & Rick Martel (8/5/1980)

Your host is Frank Bonnema.

From 8/16/80. Buddy Rose and Ed Wiskowski are out to talk with Frank Bonnema. Rose is about to face the PNW heavyweight champ Rick Martel in a loser leaves town match later in the show. I’m assuming that match was a dark match because that doesn’t seem like something you would do on TV. Anyways, Rose says the reason he always wins the big ones here in Portland is because he’s secretly Superman. Rose takes off his clothes to reveal a Superman costume. Hilarious. It’s no surprise that Buddy Rose finally defeats Rick Martel and regains the heavyweight title. Martel leaves Portland and heads east to the WWF.

Wearing his own Superman t-shirt, Roddy Piper makes a joke at the expense of Buddy Rose and despite being injured challenges Ed Wiskowski to a loser leaves town match – TONIGHT.

  • 2/3 Falls: Roddy Piper vs. Igor Volkoff (w/Ed Wiskowski) – (Portland Wrestling, 8/16/80)

FIRST FALL: Before the match, Ed Wiskowski turns down Roddy Piper’s challenge to a loser leaves town bout. This first fall is chopped way down. After we see Volkoff get some heat on Piper, Volkoff finds himself stuck in the SLEEPERHOLD. That’s when Wiskowski reaches in and whacks Piper with a cane for the DQ at 2:34 shown. Afterwards, Volkoff keeps Sandy Barr in the corner while Wiskowski whacks Piper again in the back of the head with the cane. The shrieks from the audience, man. Awesome stuff.

SECOND FALL: Wiskowski is still allowed at ringside holding the cane for some reason. Piper’s left arm is virtually useless. He does okay beating up Volkoff with his right hand, but Piper is too concerned about Wiskowski to be very effective. Volkoff pounds him down and pulls back on the arms. Piper uses his good arm to reverse the hold. He applies a random abdominal stretch, but Volkoff easily hiptosses out. Piper gets distracted by Wiskowski again, but still finds the SLEEPERHOLD on Volkoff. Wiskowski hops in the ring again and jabs Volkoff by mistake (I assume) with the cane. Piper lets go of the hold and dropkicks Wiskowski away. Piper covers Volkoff and wins in two straight falls. (6:45 shown) Piper punches the crap out of Wiskowski and grabs the cane. Wiskowski rolls out before Piper can whack him so Piper whacks Volkoff instead. Piper dares Wiskowski in the ring, but Wiskowski stands there on the apron waiting for Volkoff to jump Piper from behind. When Piper gets double-teamed, he decides to roll out to the floor. He still gets hit with the cane on the shoulders. Piper grabs a chair, but Sandy Barr calms him down at least to the point where he can send Piper back to the locker room. Not much of a match, but loads of heat and energy which made it fun. *½

Jonathan Boyd says he doesn’t much care for loser leaves town match because wrestlers should be able to come and go as they please. Boyd thinks that if Rose loses tonight that he will follow Rose wherever he goes to get his hands on him because Rose is the main reason he’s here in Portland. Wow, Boyd calls Rose a “weak little Hitler who needs an army”. As for Rip Oliver who is new to town, Boyd is going to be kicking his back side in the near future. Boyd also doesn’t like foreigners – especially Cubans – referring to Fidel Cortez. He then sucks up to the people of Portland and wants to kick Cortez’s butt all the way back to Cuba.

Piper heads over to Frank Bonnema for a word. He’s not tired, but he is tired of getting hit over the head with oak trees. If Ed Wiskowski won’t accept his challenge to a loser leaves town match then Piper will have to keep beating him up until Wiskowski just can’t wrestle anymore. If Wiskowski thinks he’s so damn tough, he wants their match to be NO DISQUALIFICATION. Great promo.

Due to injuries and Rick Martel having to leave town, Don Owen says somebody in the locker room will have to wrestle twice tonight. That’s when a guy named Mike Popovich appears on the ring apron and wants to challenge Rose. He was apparently a football player for the University of Oregon. I’ve never been able to find any record of him playing there, but anywho. He was trained under Professor Dale Lewis who went pro in the 1960s in the more serious wrestling-minded territories like the AWA and Florida. Bonnema remarks how well put together Popovich is. Rose has no respect for this guy and who can blame him. Don Owen allows this match to happen if Popovich goes into the locker room to put on some tights and wrestling boots. Rose shoves Owen back saying this is bullshit and gets blasted by ref Dutch Savage.

  • Buddy Rose vs. Mike Popovich – (Portland Wrestling, 8/23/80)

Obviously a non-title match. They fool around with wristlocks to start. Rose puts the boots to Popovich and smashes his head onto the turnbuckle. He applies a full nelson which seems foolhardy considering the size of Popovich. He breaks free and puts Rose in the same hold. Rose decides to go to the back and hammer him down. He grabs a bearhug and Popovich picks up Rose to escape the hold. Rose claws the face to get out of it because he knows all the dirty tricks. That just pisses off Popovich though as he mounts a little bit of a comeback. He takes Rose from corner to corner for a backdrop. Rose retreats to a corner and dumps Popovich out on the floor. While Rose is beating up Popovich from the apron, Dutch Savage sticks his nose into Rose’s business and gets blasted. Dutch gets his foot caught in the ropes exposing his knee. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Rose comes off the second rope and lowers the boom on Dutch’s bad knee. WOO! Popovich saves the day and throws Rose over the top rope to the floor as the bell rings. (8:17 shown) Popovich ends up carrying an injured Dutch Savage in his arms back to the locker room to turn himself into a made man in the eyes of the Portland audience. Popovich is announced as the winner via DQ. Boy that guy was green, but he’ll be all over Portland TV for the next few months. *

Over with Frank Bonnema. Buddy Rose revels over what he just did to Dutch Savage and Ed Wiskowski revels in the fact that Rick Martel is no longer in Portland. As for Roddy Piper’s challenge to a loser leaves town match, Wiskowski thinks Piper’s voice cracks meaning he must actually be scared. He’s scared now that Rick Martel is gone and there’s nobody around to watch his back. Wiskowski finally has come to realization Piper has no hand and will accept any challenge Piper makes.

  • 2/3 Falls: Roddy Piper vs. Ed Wiskowski – (Portland Wrestling, 8/23/80)

FIRST FALL: Don Owen says this won’t be a loser leaves town match because if those keep happening, he’ll be the only one left in the territory. No mention of this being a no-disqualification match. In fact, Buddy Rose is made to leave ringside. Piper punches Wiskowski right at the bell and does all the Piper things Piper does. He throws Wiskowski out to the floor and runs after him which is a mistake. Wiskowski catches him on the way back inside and grinds Piper down with a front headlock. Piper forces Wiskowski back into a corner and delivers a hiptoss. A running kneelift connects for two. Wiskowski jabs Piper in the throat to take control. Down on the mat, Wiskowski applies a chinlock. Piper gives Sandy Barr the thumbs up to say it’s not a choke. After a few minutes work of that, Piper punches him back and thumbs him in the eyes. Wiskowski kicks him back and gets an inside cradle for two. A turnbuckle smash and a knee drop gets two. He destroys Piper over in the corner beating him down. He then applies a spinning toe hold and Piper kicks him away. Wiskowski takes Piper to school, but Piper bites him on the quadricep muscle. Piper gets kicked out to the floor and baits Wiskowski over to trip him up and slam his leg on the apron. Back inside, Piper wins a slugfest and delivers a swinging neckbreaker to win the first fall at 11:31.

SECOND FALL: Wiskowski is selling the neck and Piper makes him pay. He grabs a nerve hold and puts Wiskowski down on the mat. This continues for several minutes until Wiskowski gets in the ropes and backdrops Piper to the floor. Piper hits his back on the apron and Wiskowski takes advantage by backing him into the ringpost. It looks like Wiskowski wants to win this second fall by countout as he slams Piper on the concrete. Some fan gets a little overzealous threatening Wiskowski and has to be detained by Portland cops. Hilarious. Piper finally gets back in the ring via suplex. Wiskowski comes off the top with the FLYING HEADBUTT to take the second fall at 18:36.

THIRD FALL: Wiskowski meets Piper at the apron to fight and thumbs him in the throat. Time is running out on the program though. Piper punches back and throws him out to the floor. A chair gets involved off-camera. Buddy Rose appears and Piper punches him down. Back in the ring, Piper gets tripped up by Rose and Wiskowski covers him for the three-count. (20:01 total) What the heck kind of finish was that? Ref Sandy Barr sees Buddy Rose and assumes he interfered. He then walks over to Piper and raises his arm in victory via DQ. Rose and Wiskowski put the boots to Piper and then tosses Sandy Barr aside. Piper gets busted open. While Rose pins Barr in the corner, Piper fights back on Wiskowski. They have another problem with a fan getting a little too into things. Wiskowski and Rose run over to Frank Bonnema so they can close out the show. ***¼

Ed Wiskowski doesn’t care about the loss because there was nothing at stake. Piper can barely walk, but he comes over to run Rose and Wiskowski off the stage. A really bloody Piper once again challenges Wiskowski to a loser leaves town Wednesday night in Portland. Sounds like Buddy Rose will be in a shark cage to prevent shenanigans. Piper loves the idea. When he gets through with Wiskowski, Wiskowski’s mother won’t even recognize him. Once Piper leaves, Wiskowski and Rose come back over to Bonnema to gripe and complain.

Jonathan Boyd admits he’s not Roddy Piper’s regular partner, but he’ll take the job if he’s offered. As for the Rose Army, they have yet to sign any of his open contracts. What a bunch of wusses. Boyd says Ed Wiskowski has blonde hair (he does?) and so does Rip Oliver. Perhaps Rose has a thing for blondes and implies Rose might be a homo. He then recites a poem about himself, which isn’t exactly the manliest thing a guy can do. I do like his promos, but I want to see more Jonathan Boyd matches.

Final Thoughts: It’s going to be interesting to see how well babyfaces get over throughout the rest of the year because they have some huge holes to fill with Rick Martel gone and Roddy Piper soon to be out of the territory. How can you replace those two right now? There’s no way their business didn’t go down at least for a little while because those guys were awesome for Portland. Looks like the Rose Army is just going to rule the area for a while without any major competition. When we return to the Pacific Northwest, we will be saying goodbye to Rowdy Roddy Piper.


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