Memphis Wrestling (11.08.80)

Memphis Wrestling
November 8, 1980
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio
(first aired 11/1/80)

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
CWA World Champion: Billy Robinson (10/27/1980)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Tommy Rich (9/29/1980)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Larry Latham & Dr. Bill Irwin (10/27/1980)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

  • Eddie Gilbert vs. David Oswald

Oswald gets booed and Russell says that’s what happens when you go around looking for shortcuts in the ring. Such a simple philosophy that’s completely lost these days. Gilbert wears down the arm trying to get a pin with a half-nelson. You know, WRESTLING. Oswald punches him low, but that just fires up Eddie. Once Oswald knees Gilbert into the ropes, Eddie catches him napping trying a backdrop and backslides Oswald with his arm good and weakened to get the pinfall. (4:03) WRESTLING IS SO SIMPLE. Afterwards, Oswald complains about Gilbert pulling his tights and gets even more boos from the crowd.

Eddie Marlin cuts a promo on Tommy Rich telling him he’s going to give him a “whoopin’ on the fanny”. Not sure exactly why, but Rich had busted Marlin’s head open. It didn’t just hurt his head, this act hurt his heart! This will go down in the Louisville Gardens this Tuesday night. DON’T MISS IT!

Lance and Dave take us to Tupelo, Mississippi to witness Billy Robinson battling Guy Mitchell on Halloween night. It doesn’t look like there’s anybody there. Mitchell wins via DQ after Robinson accidently backdropped him over the top rope. While Robinson discusses the decision with the ref, Mitchell jumps him from behind with a chair. A visibly upset Billy Robinson interrupts Russell by the announce table and demands a rematch with this guy.

Back in the studio, Guy Mitchell and Jimmy Hart stop by Lance and Dave. Mitchell has his arm heavily bandaged and up in a sling. Jimmy explains that he feels Billy Robinson deliberately threw this man over the top rope. Mitchell questions Robinson’s integrity as a world champion. Robinson comes over and challenges Mitchell right now, but then Mitchell whacks Robinson with his medical supplies when he turns away. Mitchell then SLAMS Robinson on the floor. Robinson gets right back up though and starts brawling with Mitchell until some jabronis come out to separate the two. AWESOME. Once everything settles, Eddie Marlin tells Robinson specifically that he’ll get a match with Mitchell. ROBINSON IS SO PISSED AND I LOVE IT.

  • Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. The Angel & David McGee

Morton absolutely outwrestles McGee on the mat to start. The Angel tries Morton and when he fails, he resorts to putting on the loaded glove behind the ref’s back to rile up the crowd. Angel finally gets his hands on Morton and slams him down before grabbing Morton’s belly with the EVIL GLOVE. Morton eventually punches away the Angel and tags in Lucas. The Angel gets his arm worked over for a bit. Tag to McGee, he gets destroyed by the NWA Mid-America tag champs and takes a nice bump after a dropkick from Morton. The Angel rushes the ring at one point, but freaks out and runs back out to the floor. He tags in and uses that loaded glove on Morton’s ribs. Lucas won’t stand to lose this way and unloads on the Angel. Back to McGee, Morton slips out of a slam and O’Connor rolls McGee for the win. (9:27) You have to love the games heels like the Angel used to play back in these days. *½

Lance Russell runs down the card for the Louisville Gardens on Tuesday night.

Back in the studio, Tommy Rich and Jimmy Hart stop by the desk to let us know who Tommy’s opponent will be today for the AWA southern heavyweight title match. Since he’s always wrestling Superstar Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant title shots, Rich wants to give the nobodies a chance at the big time. They draw a name out of a football helmet to figure out who his opponent will be. To make sure it’s all fair and square, Tommy even lets Russell reach into the helmet and pull out the name. Russell pulls out the name Tony Boyles. Isn’t Rich such a benevolent champion? What a guy!

  • AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship: Tommy Rich (c) (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Tony Boyles

Rich nails Boyles when he isn’t looking to begin things. There’s hardly even a hope spot here as Rich annihilates this guy and wins with the elbow to the head in 1:10.

Afterwards, Lance and Dave look at the rest of the names that were in the helmet. THEY’RE ALL TONY BOYLES! HAHA! Awesome.

  • Superstar Bill Dundee, Jimmy Valiant, Robert Gibson & Carl Fergie vs. Dr. Bill Irwin, Larry Latham, Bobby Eaton & Jimmy Hart

Jimmy Hart is wearing an awesome Superman costume with the Jerry Lawler crown symbol on his chest in place of the “S”. It’s safe to say this is an “expiration of time” match. This is just an excuse to get the heels to bump around for the babyfaces – that is until Dundee gets stuck on the wrong side of town and gets quadrupled teamed! Dundee is able to escape, but ref Jerry Calhoun finds a chain in the ring and throws the match out because there are RULES around here! (2:40) The babyface team cleans house and the heels go complain over at the desk to wrap up things. ¾*

One more Louisville Gardens promo. Lance Russell talks with Tommy Rich about the Marlins.

That’s going to do it for another week. Until next time, so long for now.

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