WWF: SuNDAY NiGHT HeAT (11.08.98)

November 8, 1998
Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: Vacant (9/28/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock (10/12/1998)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (8/30/1998)
European Champion: X-Pac (10/18/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian (10/18/1998)
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline (9/21/1998)

HOT ENOUGH? Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jim Cornette. Cole says Shane McMahon will be appearing as a referee tonight.

  • The JOB Squad vs. Too Much

Taylor takes a moment to tell Christopher how much he loves him. How cute. This is the debut of the J.O.B. Squad. It’s a misfit crew of guys in the WWF who will never get a push. AL SNOW welcomes BOB HOLLY and SCORPIO to the ring as they are all part of the squad. Looks like Head is wearing Mr. Socko as a headband for some reason. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. Snow and Head watch on from the ramp as Holly and Scorpio wrestle Too Much. Headlocks and shoulderblocks to start between Holly and Taylor. Holly lands a nice pumphandle powerslam (MELTDOWN~!) on Taylor, but a nearfall causes the match to break down. As Scorpio gets dumped, Christopher saves Taylor from a suplex and clotheslines Holly down. Too Much attempts the Veg-O-Matic, but Holly breaks away from Taylor and a small package gets the win. (1:41) Looked like ref Mike Chioda was hesitant to make the three-count as if that goes against the plan because they are the JOB squad, but did it anyway. Still sitting up on the top buckle, Christopher mouths to the camera that wasn’t the finish. CRINGE. ½*

Tonight, we’ll see a special training video involving Sable. X-Pac will meet the Real Man’s Man Steven Regal as well. The Rock will also address being kicked out of the “Deadly Game” tournament at Survivor Series. Plus, an exclusive interview with Val Venis concerning Terri’s sudden pregnancy. Oh boy.

After the break, they take us back to last week’s HeAT when Terri Runnels announced her pregnancy only for Val Venis to dump her on the spot.

Kevin Kelly meets with Val Venis in a locker room. Val confesses that Terri is conniving, manipulative, and a LIAR. The reason Val knows she’s lying is because years and years and YEARS ago, Venis had a vasectomy. In other words, there’s no seeds in the watermelon. There’s been a ceasefire declared and the gun has been unloaded. He’s had the old clip-and-snip. You get the idea. Well, that pretty much covers everything we need to know.

  • WWF European Championship: X-Pac (c) vs. Steven Regal

X-Pac makes his entrance, but then we’re interrupted by the UNDERTAKER and PAUL BEARER. What is this all about? Paul Bearer tells X-Pac to move along because his Undertaker has something he’d like to say. X-Pac rips the mic away from Bearer and lets Taker know he’s got nothing but respect for him, but maybe Taker might want to interrupt somebody else’s TV time. As X-Pac points his finger and threatens Bearer, Taker blasts X-Pac with a soup bone right hand. There’s a CHOKESLAM to X-Pac! Bearer gets back on the mic and yells in X-Pac’s face that they’ll talk about this later and calls him “little boy”. No match, of course. Looks like the Undertaker is going to start ripping into everybody in the “Deadly Game” tournament to regain the WWF title. N/R

Outside the arena, we catch Pat Patterson, Commissioner Slaughter (left arm in a sling after last week’s RAW), and Gerald Brisco waiting on Vince McMahon to arrive. The BIG BOSS MAN helps Mr. McMahon out of his stretch limo. Once he’s sitting in his wheelchair, McMahon reminds the Three Stooges that “discipline is the cornerstone of corporate communication” and hopes they all learned their lesson. Naturally, Vince’s Stooges are all very agreeable.

  • The Godfather (w/hos) vs. Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline)

Shane McMahon is *your* lowly referee for this match. Godfather decides not to offer Mero a “ho” this week due to Mero’s poor luck with women. Instead, Godfather is just going to kick his ass. Meanwhile, we catch Vince McMahon and his stooges watching this match. If Shane doesn’t do a good job here, he’ll be demoted to ring crew. The Stooges continue to suck up to the boss. Hey, I just saw a confederate flag in the crowd and there’s a Black man in the ring. Should that guy be banned from all wrestling events, too? Mero controls the action and when Godfather mounts a comeback, Mero backdrops him out to the floor. Back over to Vince’s office, he mentions the federal government wanted to put him in stripes, but he kicked the federal government’s ASS. Back in the ring, Mero hits a slingshot splash for a nearfall. Shane is working the referee job perfectly. When Mero is backed away from choking Godfather in the ropes, Jacqueline gets her opportunity to choke Godfather as well behind Shane’s back. She points to Sable’s hair she has tied up in her weave. Godfather crotches Mero up top and follows up with an atomic drop and a clothesline. The Ho Train connects as does the Hook Kick for two. DDT by Godfather scores another nearfall. Mero tries the TKO, but Godfather lands on his feet and delivers the PIMP DROP for the win. (3:50) This was okay. Not a combination of people I would care to see again though. ¾*

Backstage, we see the New Age Outlaws checking up on X-Pac when Kevin Kelly appears to check on him. X-Pac challenges Undertaker to a match for tomorrow night on RAW. He may not beat the Undertaker, but there’s going to be a fight because X-Pac doesn’t back down and neither does anybody else in D-Generation X, so SUCK IT.

WWF War Zone for N64 ad airs. I really hated that game.

Out comes the NEW AGE OUTLAWS to the ring. The Outlaws do the thing they do every week when Vince McMahon, the Big Boss Man, and the three stooges appear on the rampway. McMahon makes a WWF tag team titles match for Survivor Series as the Outlaws will be defending in a triple-threat match against the Headbangers and the team of D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry. And that’s that.

They show Debra getting her boobies ready for tonight’s main event.

STONECOLD.COM. It’s on that internet thing.

A video package airs recapping Vince’s plans to teach his stooges a lesson by ordering the Big Boss Man to beat the shit out of them inside the blue cage on last week’s WAR ZONE. They announce Steve Austin will have to win FOUR total matches at Survivor Series to win back the WWF title.

The retired OWEN HART comes down for extra special commentary. They show footage of Owen attacking Dan Severn at last week’s RAW when Steve Blackman made the save. We also saw the Blue Blazer in the same place as Owen. WHOOPS! Owen confirms again that he’s retired and no longer on the WWF roster – except he’s here at the commentary table giving his opinions and whatnot.

  • Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Droz (w/Animal)

Owen confesses that the only way he would get back in the ring is if he was provoked by Severn or Blackman. Hmm. Jarrett catches Droz coming off the ropes with a knee and then connects with a swinging neckbreaker. Droz nails Jarrett with a powerslam, but Jarrett backdrops him to the floor. Next thing we know, HAWK appears and beats up Droz until we get a DQ. (1:11) Animal actually helps out Droz as he and Droz give Hawk a DOOMSDAY DEVICE. This is some wacky stuff right here. Sounds like this is heeling the new LOD. People are CONFUSED. ¼*

Survivor Series: Deadly Game ad airs.

It’s MAIN EVENT INTERVIEW TIME! The Rock heads down to the ring to call out Vince McMahon to get his spot back in the tournament at the Survivor Series and reclaim his status as the #1 contender to the WWF title. Now get your ass out here, Vince. Well, here comes Vince “Wheels” McMahon, the Big Boss Man, and his stooges out onto the ramp. It’s just business, not personal, Rock. Vince’s problem is with the people and since the Rock is the People’s Champ, Vince has a problem with the Rock. To Vince, the Rock is “just another piece of meat” on the WWF roster. WOW. Vince doesn’t give a damn about the people and they don’t give a damn about him. Since Vince can’t get to everybody, he can get to the Rock, which is how he’ll get to the people, and that makes him feel good. Vince tries to work with the Rock. If Rock can’t beat Mark Henry on RAW, he’ll then just be one of the people, because the Rock will be FIRED. If the Rock does win, he can go right to the Survivor Series. Since Rock is the People’s Champ, he carries the weight of the people on his shoulders. As for the People’s Eyebrow and the People’s Elbow, Vince thinks the Rock is nothing but the People’s Ass. Rock can’t let Vince get the last word and states he would rather be the People’s Ass than to ever kiss Vince’s ass.

As for Rock never kissing Vince’s ass…

Until next time, so long for now.

The World Wrestling Federation presents “Survivor Series: Deadly Game”
LIVE on November 15 ONLY ON PAY-PER-VIEW from the Kiel Center in St. Louis, Missouri

WWF Tag Team Championship:
The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. The Headbangers vs. D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry
WWF Women’s Championship:
 Jacqueline (c) vs. Sable

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