WWF: Survivor Series 1998

WWF: Survivor Series – Deadly Game
November 15, 1998
St. Louis, MO
Kiel Center

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: Vacant (9/28/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock (10/12/1998)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (8/30/1998)
European Champion: X-Pac (10/18/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian (10/18/1998)
Hardcore Champion: Mankind (11/2/1998)
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline (9/21/1998)

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. IT’S A DEADLY GAME!

Anybody ever noticed how similar the brackets are for both WWF title tournaments? Hmm.

Vince McMahon starts the show as he’s joined by his Three Stooges and the Big Boss Man at ringside. He guarantees the fans a *NEW* WWF champion tonight and introduces Mankind to the ring.

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament – First Round: Mankind vs. Duane Gill

Mankind shows off his *new* WWF Hardcore title. Wearing his tuxedo and Gucci loafers that we saw last week on RAW as well, he embraces McMahon and his entourage before entering the ring. They don’t seem too interested in all that. Vince then builds up the “mystery opponent” for Mankind. He refers to the “mystery opponent” as a “legend” who had a won-loss record that set new standards in the WWF. Unfortunately, seeking a different kind of opposition, he left for the Dubya See Dubya. You can see that one TV match on YouTube. After suffering a shoulder injury, the “mystery opponent” has been sidelined for the past two years. Making his return to the WWF tonight, it’s DUANE GILL. He gets pyro that scares the crap out of him. And with that, the stage has been set. Vince and his Three Stooges head back to the dressing room. Mankind flips Gill into the ring, kicks him in the head, and delivers the DOUBLE-ARM DDT for the win in just :30 to advance in the tournament.

We take a look back at the attack Jacqueline laid upon Sable back on HeAT earlier in the night. Sable is PISSED.

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament – First Round: Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Al Snow (w/Head)

Snow has a “pigtail” on the side of his head. He acts distracted by Debra to bait Jarrett at ringside. In the ring, Jarrett slows down Snow with a hotshot to take over. Snow NO-SELLS punches in the corner and does a Ray Stevens bump to the apron. He snaps Jarrett’s neck on the top rope, but misses a flying legdrop. Jarrett lands a jumping dropkick for two. Snow finds a crucifix for two. Back and forth nearfalls, but Snow runs down Jarrett with a clothesline. Snow counters a spinebuster with a DDT for two. Double-KO ensues. Ross calls Debra a “Jezebel” which seems like something he hasn’t called a female before on air. She gets up on the apron looking to toss Head to Jarrett. While the ref stops her and lays Head aside, Snow grabs Jarrett’s guitar. Well, Jarrett grabs Head. Snow misses with the guitar while Jarrett whacks Snow with Head. While the ref gets the guitar out of the ring, Snow gets Head away from Jarrett and whacks him with Head for the KO shot. Snow covers Jarrett for the win. (3:31) Ross thinks Head is “wooden” for some reason. You can expect most of these first round matches to be rather short. ¾*

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament – First Round: Steve Austin vs. The Big Boss Man

With these two in a feud, this one starts on the floor with some ringside violence before the bell. Boss Man takes a ride into the steps. We catch Vince and his boys watching on from backstage. In the ring, Austin finds the Lou Thesz Press and the elbow drop gets two. Boss Man low blows Austin and Ross cries for a DQ. Crowd is solidly behind Austin. No duh, right? Boss Man lays in some knees and a windmill shot gets two. A chinlock is applied. Pretty wild thinking about where Ray Traylor’s spot on the card was in WCW a year ago. Austin fights out, but finds himself receiving the Bossman Straddle and the slide into the uppercut. That gets two. Boss Man’s offense feels outdated, but Austin makes him look deadly. Austin escapes another chinlock and stomps a mudhole in Boss Man. We go to the floor where Boss Man finds his nightstick and gets DQ’ed as he assaults Austin. (3:20) We catch Vince looking very happy about the outcome. This certainly makes sense storyline wise. *½

Michael Cole checks in with Vince McMahon to see what he thinks about Austin advancing in the tournament. Vince isn’t the least bit concerned and says the night is still very young because there’s more where that came from. Austin advances in the Deadly Game, BUT AT WHAT COST?

Back at ringside, we see Austin returning to the locker room under his own power.

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament – First Round: X-Pac vs. Steven Regal

This match is the only real high of Regal’s first WWF run. He’s not in the best of shape during this period, but I think this is his best performance. X-Pac kicks down Regal to start and delivers a back suplex for two. He follows up with a pair of sliding leg drops for two. X-Pac misses a corner charge for the Bobby Eaton bump. Regal puts down X-Pac with a European uppercut and stretches him on the mat. Regal gets some negative chants, but the only reason he’s getting any reaction is because of his time in WCW. He catapults X-Pac across the ring, which you never see. Regal stretches X-Pac some more. Gutwrench suplex gets two. We see McMahon and his stooges discuss who they want to see face Austin in the quarterfinals. Regal applies a headscissors on the mat. X-Pac counters out and pulls back on the legs. As they get to their feet, X-Pac misses another corner charge for a bump on his neck. Ouch. Regal sets X-Pac up top for a nasty butterfly superplex. X-Pac is holding his neck, which is pretty concerning. Regal covers for a pair of two-counts. After another hold on the mat, we get a double KO. X-Pac finds a spinning heel kick for two. He dropkicks Regal into the corner for the Bronco Buster, which wakes up the crowd. X-Pac delivers a vertical suplex and heads up top, but Regal falls into the ropes and causes X-Pac to crash and burn on the floor. We get a brawl on the floor until there’s a double-countout. (8:10) Why not just do a time-limit draw? If there’s a ten-minute time limit, you only had two more minutes to go. Meanwhile, Vince sends Commissioner Slaughter to order an “overtime”. Sounds like somebody screwed up. No matter what Slaughter demands, the match ends as both guys just head back to the dressing room. Boring stuff. *

Backstage, McMahon is PISSED that Austin gets a bye to the semifinals. Patterson assures him that Austin is in bad shape right now thanks to the Big Boss Man.

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament – First Round: Ken Shamrock vs. Goldust

Shamrock starts off real aggressive with Goldust. He’s got his left forearm taped. Goldust misses a clothesline off the ropes, but doesn’t miss the second shot. Running knee drop connects. Shamrock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline of his own for two. He sits down on a chinlock and gives up on the hold to lay in some kicks. There’s a Russian legsweep for two. Back to the chinlock. Goldust fights out, but misses a corner charge. That seems to be the bump of the night. Goldust looks for a powerbomb, but YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB SHAMROCK. He finds a running bulldog and looks for Shattered Dreams. Ref Jimmy Korderas stands in Goldust’s way. While he and Goldust discuss things, Shamrock comes off the middle rope and hits Goldust with a sloppy hurracanrana. He hits Goldust with a Belly to Belly Suplex and applies the ANKLELOCK for the submission. (5:56) The crowd didn’t seem to care outside of the big spots. Isn’t that the problem with most tournaments though? *

Michael Cole is standing by Austin’s dressing room. Doctors are saying he needs medical attention, but Cole believes Austin will find a way to win the tournament.

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament – First Round: The Rock vs. The Big Boss Man

Instead of getting the Rock and Triple H which was advertised, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco come out when the DX theme plays. Brisco says Triple H chose not to show tonight and he’ll be fined very heavily once he returns. Ross defends Triple H saying he’s had knee surgery. Patterson tells the Rock there won’t be a forfeit as Vince has found a replacement for Triple H. It’s THE BIG BOSS MAN! This lasts four seconds as Boss Man walks right into an inside cradle for the three-count thus setting a “new WWF record”. DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK JUST COOKED UP WITH THE BIG BOSS MAN? N/R

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Kane

This might be the least remembered match for these two. From what I understand, Taker needs time off even at this point and still works for another 9-10 months before taking time off. Lots of back and forth brawling to start. Taker bars the leg for a little bit. Taker chokes Kane in the corner. More back and forth brawling. Kane is NO-SELLING stuff. He goes up top and delivers the Flying Clothesline for two. They GOOZLE one another, but Kane fights him off and gives Taker the CHOKESLAM. He calls for the Tombstone when Paul Bearer distracts him. Kane then turns around into the TOMBSTONE and Taker gets the win with an assist from Bearer on the floor. (7:16) Not their finest moment. Apparently, Kane attacks ref Jack Doan off-camera. Whoops. ¾*

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Mankind vs. Al Snow

Snow starts out aggressively on Mankind. You know, RUNNING WILD. Ross reminds us that Mr. Socko is still wrapped around Head. Yeah, that’s a real thing that’s happening. To the floor we go, a chair gets involved. Snow jabs Mankind a few times in the ribs, but misses a chairshot up against the ringpost for the big POW noise. Umm, DQ? Mankind gives Snow a flapjack on the chair. Back inside, we go to the split-screen where Gerald Brisco tells Vince Mac-Man how brilliant he was for stealing Mr. Socko and putting him on Head. Vince can’t wait to see Mankind’s reaction when he sees where Mr. Socko is at. Snow comes back with an enziguri and crawls toward Head. Mankind ducks a Head shot, grabs Head away from Snow, and delivers a back suplex. Now Mankind realizes what happened to Mr. Socko. He rescues his only true friend in the world and puts Head in a headlock and punches away until Snow knocks him down from behind. We get the leg spin into the clothesline on Snow. There’s a Sitout Spinebuster by Snow for two. Snow then telegraphs a backdrop and eats a Double-Arm DDT. Out comes Mr. Socko and we’ve got the MANDIBLE CLAW applied on Snow for the win. (3:55) Stupid? Yes. Entertaining? Yes. Ross thinks Mankind is set to win the WWF championship tonight thanks to Mr. McMahon’s master plan. He calls Mankind’s loafers part of the “Jim Barnett Collection”. *

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock

What a storied rivalry these two have had throughout 1998. From their Royal Rumble match to WrestleMania to the King of the Ring finals to now here at Survivor Series for a potential WWF championship match. By the way during all those many matches, the Rock has NEVER PINNED OR SUBMITTED Ken Shamrock. Rock starts off strong which makes sense considering he’s only wrestled four seconds tonight. Shamrock avoids a corner charge and hits a snap suplex. Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline and we go to the floor for more ringside violence tonight. Shamrock reverses a whip into the steps and slams Rock on the floor. Back inside, Shamrock delivers a jumping dropkick and a Russian legsweep. He continues with a knee lift and grabs a chinlock. Crowd is chanting for Rocky. Here comes the BIG BOSS MAN out to ringside. Shamrock doesn’t seem to like Boss Man being out here. The crowd now lets Boss Man know what they think about him. Rock comes out of the headlock into a hurracanrana. With Rock staggering, Shamrock yanks him down with a Fujiwara armbar into the ANKLELOCK, but Rock makes the ropes. Not a fan of how long Rock was in the hold, but they got to keep him babyface. We get a double-KO spot. Rock rolls over on top of Shamrock for two. He lands the Hurricane DDT. While Boss Man gets up on the apron to protest, Rock punches Shamrock in the dick. Not cool. Here comes the PEOPLE’S ELBOW. The crowd is losing their minds. Cover, 1-2-NO! That got some boos. Rock Bottom? No, Shamrock blocks and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex to give himself a breather. Boss Man hops on the apron, intends to throw the nightstick to Shamrock, but Rock intercepts and wipes out Shamrock for the win. (8:20) Wow, it’s almost as if Boss Man is trying to screw everything up tonight. Hmm. Good match as I’m a fan of their matches – no matter the heel / babyface dynamics. ***

  • WWF Women’s Championship: Jacqueline (c) (w/Marc Mero) vs. Sable

Shane McMahon is *your* lowly referee for this championship match. Once again, Sable gets jumped from behind by Jacqueline much like what we saw earlier on HeAT. Sable delivers a hiptoss and a kick to Jackie’s face. She lands a weak TKO and covers Jacqueline, but Mero pulls Sable out to the floor. Sable kicks her own husband in the balls and gives him a SABLE BOMB on the floor. Yeah, that guy’s career is finished and DONE. Jacqueline jumps off the apron onto Sable and brings her back into the ring. She gets some heat on Sable until Sable shoves away the Tornado DDT and hits a SABLE BOMB for the win. (3:14) Kudos to Jackie for making Sable look as good as she did. ½*

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament Semifinals: Steve Austin vs. Mankind

Austin comes out selling the nightstick attack from his first match with the Big Boss Man. He stomps a mudhole in Mankind to start. He rips off the tuxedo jacket and hits Mankind in the face with one of the Gucci loafers. Bossman straddle connects to put down Mankind as Vince McMahon and his Three Stooges head down to ringside to get a closer look. Mankind fights back and hits the running knee in the corner. He then gives Austin a shot with one of the leftover loafers. Here comes the Lou Thesz Press and the elbow from Austin. He tries the Stone Cold Stunner, but Mankind pushes Austin away and retreats up the aisle. Brisco and Patterson have to encourage Mankind to get back in the ring. Since Mankind is taking forever, Austin runs over and gives Brisco and Patterson a DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER. He jumps Mankind and looks for a piledriver, but of course Mankind backdrops him away. Back to ringside, Mankind sends Austin into the steps hip-first. Vince orders ref Mike Chioda to count out Austin. Mankind is just pure id and goes after Austin. They fight into the crowd, but Austin clotheslines Mankind right back over the barricade. Mankind bounces Austin’s face off the steps to regain control. Back in the ring, Mankind covers Austin for two. He sits down on a rear chinlock. Austin elbows out into a slugfest, which he wins. Double KO spot ensues. They fight from corner to corner as Austin puts the boots to Mankind. He tries to post Mankind’s leg, but Mankind pulls Austin into the ringpost. Vince yells at Mankind to get Austin. He grabs the timekeeper’s chair and runs at Austin in the ring, but Austin brings up the boot to kick the chair back in Mankind’s face. As Mankind falls into the ropes, Austin tries the Bossman straddle only to miss and falls back on the chair. OUCH. DOUBLE-ARM DDT on the chair! Mankind covers for 1-2-NO! WHOA. Mankind wants a piledriver on the chair, but Austin backdrops Mankind on the chair instead. STONE COLD STUNNER! Cover, 1-2-NO! Vince McMahon gets out of his wheelchair (!!), grabs the ref, and pulls him out to the floor to slug him. Mankind is coming out of his tuxedo britches. He finds the Mandible Claw, but Austin counters into another STONE COLD STUNNER. No ref, OH WAIT HERE COMES SHANE MCMAHON! He counts one, two, BUT WON’T COUNT TO THREE! As Austin looks to see why there wasn’t a three-count or a bell ringing, Shane is on his knees giving Austin the DOUBLE BIRD. Austin wants to go after him, but he wants to win the WWF title. Mankind runs down Austin with a clothesline. In comes Commissioner Slaughter and Gerald Brisco inside the ring. Slaughter holds up Austin while Brisco hits him with a chair. Not the best chairshot in the world, but it’s enough for Mankind to cover Austin for the three-count courtesy of “lowly referee” Shane McMahon. (10:27) Word is Boss Man was supposed to make the run-in for the finish, but somehow missed his cue. Not waiting to see how Austin reacts, the McMahons, the Stooges, and the Big Boss Man all trot to the getaway limo. Austin goes after them, but it’s too late. He goes all Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on a guy and steals his Ford Explorer chasing after the McMahon crew. Another good match as naturally these two always had good matches. If you’re a Sports Entertainment Fan, this one is a must-see Attitude Era match. ***¼


  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament Semifinals: The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. The Rock

The first of three PPV meetings between these two. Back and forth brawling to start. Taker brings Rock to the floor for a bounce off the ring steps. Rock whips Taker into the barricade, but Taker runs back at Rock with a clothesline. The brawling continues. Back inside, we get more back and forth brawling. Yep. Taker chokes Rock a lot. Rock gets tied up in the ropes and punched. Taker charges at the Rock and takes a backdrop to the floor. The brawling continues. Ross and Lawler discuss if both these guys are counted out, Mankind becomes the WWF champion. Back in the ring, Taker continues to lay in the shots on the Rock. While Taker scares away the ref, Paul Bearer hits Rock with his shoe. Rock wins a slugfest, but Taker buries a knee. However, Rock catches Taker with a Samoan Drop. Hey, the BIG BOSS MAN returns to ringside. HE’S BAAAACK. Taker does his zombie sit-up. Rock lands a DDT on Taker and punches him in the dick. He tries the People’s Elbow, but Boss Man grabs Rock by the foot as he comes off the ropes. That distracts Rock into a clothesline from Taker. Boss Man shows up on the apron, but gets punched down by Taker. Rock runs down Taker with a clothesline and stands over him only to get GOOZLED. As Taker stands up his hand around Rock’s throat, here comes KANE. Next thing we know, Taker sends Rock over to Kane who CHOKESLAMS Rock for the DQ, thus eliminating the Undertaker. (8:23) After Taker punches down ref Earl Hebner, Kane attacks his brother as they brawl through the crowd. I don’t think even a healthy Taker could have a great match with the Rock. I don’t know why – they just never seemed to click together. *½

Michael Cole talks with Mankind backstage. Lady luck is smiling down on Mankind tonight. He’s got just one more “Rock” to climb – if ya smell what the Sock is cookin’.

  • WWF World Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry vs. The Headbangers

Pretty sure Gunn is wearing “ass-less” gear tonight. He starts off with D’Lo and Mosh to make this is a triple-threat match. Mosh stands back and lets D’Lo and Gunn go as they both take turns missing moves on each other. With Gunn down, Mosh runs over and tries to get a quick pin when D’Lo isn’t looking. D’Lo misses a corner charge on Mosh setting himself up for a butt-butt from Mosh. As D’Lo heads to the apron, Mosh hits the springboard clothesline to the floor. Back inside, Road Dogg takes over for Gunn. The Outlaws head to opposite corners with Henry and D’Lo for TEN-COUNT CORNER PUNCHES. D’Lo stops Road Dogg with a running powerbomb. In comes the Headbangers, they jump Road Dogg and give him a double flapjack. That gets two. Now Mosh and D’Lo fight over covering Road Dogg. They wind up working together as Mosh lays into Road Dogg. Mark Henry takes over and bearhugs Road Dogg. Mosh shoulderblocks Henry in the lower back and works on his leg to keep him down. Thrasher takes over and helps Henry work on Road Dogg. WHAT IS HAPPENING? The heat continues on Road Dogg. D’Lo ends up throwing Road Dogg to the floor. Gunn yells at ref Tim White over his officiating. Over in the corner, D’Lo gives Mosh a headscissors off the middle rope. Mosh knocks D’Lo into Road Dogg and gives D’Lo a Russian legsweep for two. More heat on Road Dogg. As he tries to come back, Henry runs him down and D’Lo gets a two-count. D’Lo goes for the Running Ligerbomb, but Mosh counters to a sunset flip for 1-2-NO! Henry legdrops Road Dogg, but Thrasher is right there to stop the pinfall. The Headbangers give Road Dogg the Leapfrog Body Guillotine double-team move. Gunn is PISSED he can’t get in the ring. D’Lo wants to do the same move over again with Mosh, but Mosh kicks him in the nards instead. Cover by Mosh, he gets a two-count. The match just continues until D’Lo and Mosh clothesline each other so Road Dogg can make the HOT TAG TO GUNN! He runs into a SKY HIGH from D’Lo for 1-2-NO! Not even a gasp from the crowd. Gunn hits Mosh with the FAMOUSER. He covers Mosh, but in comes Henry to SPLASH Gunn only to hit Mosh instead. He stays on top of Mosh hoping for a three-count. Not sure why Gunn isn’t trying to stop the pinfall. Thrasher takes care of Henry while Gunn gives Mosh a PILEDRIVER to finally end this match. (10:10) What a long mess this was. It was all over the place and I don’t think anybody really know what they were doing. Terrible. CRAP

  • “Deadly Game” WWF Championship Tournament Finals: The Rock vs. Mankind

During Rock’s entrance, we catch Vince and Shane McMahon backstage sending the Big Boss Man on his way thanking him for all his help tonight. Collar and elbow tie-ups to start. Rock punches and stomps Mankind down into the corner, but then they head outside where Mankind switches gears. Back in, Mankind clamps on a chinlock. Meanwhile, Vince and Shane McMahon head down. Rock fights out of the chinlock before they head into the crowd where a trash can gets involved. Back inside, Rock grabs an EXCITING chinlock. Mankind knees out and a Cactus Clothesline lands them both out in front of the announce tables. Mankind ravages Rock’s back with a chair, but then Rock takes down Mankind while he’s carrying a set of steel steps only for them to fall back down on his face – at least we are led to assume that. Rock smashes the chair on the steps a few times before Mankind stands back up and gets his brain scrambled with a NASTY chairshot across the face. Back in the ring, Rock gets two. On the outside, Mankind delivers the Cactus Elbow, and then legdrops Rock on JR and King’s table. It doesn’t break. Mankind scores a nearfall back in the ring. Chinlock! Rock comes back with a DDT, but gets dumped. As he leans up against the Spanish announce table, Mankind leaps from the second rope only for the Rock to move as Mankind goes crashing through the table. Shane – “Mankind is sick!” In the ring, the PEOPLE’S ELBOW catches Mankind for 1-2-NO! Oh wait, DOUBLE ARM DDT stuns the Rock as Mankind whips out Mr. Socko.

The MANDIBLE CLAW puts down Rock as his arm drops once, twice, and drops three times. Whoops. He forgot. Rock first pulls the sock out of his mouth, and then pulls Mankind in for the ROCK BOTTOM. Slow cover, 1-2-NO! Since that won’t put away Mankind, Rock looks over at Vince McMahon and raises the eyebrow. What’s that about? As Rock grabs the SHARPSHOOTER on Mankind, Vince and Shane run over to the timekeeper screaming for the bell to ring. And it’s Montreal all over again, but we have a *brand new* WWF champion. (17:18) Vince announces to the world that Vince didn’t screw the people, the people screwed the people. Okay. He admits the people are just as gullible and idiotic as Mankind. Vince says he is so proud of what went down involving Stone Cold Steve Austin tonight. He says that the only person who detests and loathes Stone Cold Steve Austin as much as he does would be the Rock. Vince calls Shane’s performance “Oscar-worthy”. Shane embraces his father and the Rock gets the mic. He calls the people “trailer trash” who must kiss his ass. Eventually Mankind interrupts and asks what exactly is happening right now. Here is what is happening. *GLONK!* Rock nails him from behind with the WWF title belt to make him an even more sympathetic babyface. Rock Bottom to Mankind.

Now as Rock, Vince, and Shane celebrate, we see Stone Cold Steve Austin heading down to the ring. Vince and Shane hightail it out of there, but Austin delivers the STONE COLD STUNNER to the Rock and then throws him out – along with the WWF title belt. As Mankind gets back to his feet, Austin walks over and gives him a STUNNER as well. Why not. Austin hits those four corners, stomps one more mudhole in the Rock, and then leaves with his two middle fingers in the air to close the show. ***

Final Thoughts: I don’t think I’m breaking any new ground here saying this PPV sucks from a wrestling standpoint – and there’s been some real stinkers here lately with PPVs in both WWF and WCW. However, in context, part of a larger picture, this is incredible storytelling. Although unless you’re familiar with the WWF weeklies at the time, you’re going to miss out on a lot of things. If you picked this show randomly off the shelf to watch not knowing the context, I think you’d be bored out of your skull. Even if you didn’t randomly pick this show, the first half is pretty hard to endure at certain points. The second half is improved upon with a lot of storylines they had been building for months finally paying off. Overall though, I’ll have to go with thumbs in the middle leaning down. I would avoid it if you’re not into the Attitude Era because otherwise you’re not going to find a lot of great wrestling here. Just my two cents.


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