WWF: SuNDAY NiGHT HeAT (11.15.98)

November 15, 1998
St. Louis, MO
Kiel Center

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: Vacant (9/28/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock (10/12/1998)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (8/30/1998)
European Champion: X-Pac (10/18/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: Christian (10/18/1998)
Hardcore Champion: Mankind (11/2/1998)
Women’s Champion: Jacqueline (9/21/1998)

HOT ENOUGH? Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jim Cornette. Who will win the “Deadly Game”?

  • LOD 2000 vs. The JOB Squad (w/Al Snow)

That’s right – Animal and Droz here. Cole takes us back to last week on HeAT when Animal and Droz gave Hawk the DOOMSDAY DEVICE. Never thought this day would come. JOB Squad are Bob Holly and Scorpio. LOD attack to start, but Scorpio kicks Animal around. Droz gets a tag and the match breaks down. Holly gets dumped out while LOD double clothesline Scorpio. DOOMSDAY DEVICE to Scorpio! Holly knees Animal out to the floor and goes out after him. Meanwhile, Al Snow jumps in the ring and whacks Droz with HEAD. Scorpio lays on top for the win. (2:18) So the JOB Squad are 2-0 right now. Yeah, that makes sense. ½*

Backstage, Vince’s Stooges go to tell Steve Austin that Mr. McMahon would like to see him. Some arguing ensues.

  • Val Venis vs. Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu)

They take us back to last week’s RAW when Terri Runnels gave the Big Valbowski a low blow. Singh and Venis go back and forth punching one another to start. Babu distracts the ref so Singh can low blow Venis. Val comes right back with the series of knees to set up the Russian Legsweep. He stands over Singh for the Rick Rude pose. He pounds on Singh and then heads up top, but Singh crotches him as they head to the floor. After Singh drops Val on the barricade, he sends Val back in the ring only to be attacked by the GODFATHER. He runs Singh into the post (kinda) and shoots him into the ring for the Fisherman’s Suplex to get the win. (2:37) Singh yells at Babu after the bell. ½*

WWF BONE CRUNCHIN’ BUDDIES! They are bad to the bone.

Video package airs showing how the Rock was taken out of the “Deadly Game” tournament and then getting put back in the tournament thanks to referee Shane McMahon. They show Rock giving Vince the Rock Bottom and the People’s Elbow. The video transitions to the recent developments among Undertaker, Paul Bearer, and Kane. Next, they show Mankind being rewarded the “WWF Hardcore title” by his “daddy” Vince. Ross wonders why Mankind is the only one in the “Deadly Game” tournament without an opponent. We also see Shane McMahon rehiring Steve Austin as he will be battling the Big Boss Man at Survivor Series. So I guess Goldust, Ken Shamrock, Jeff Jarrett, Al Snow, X-Pac, and Steven Regal have literally no chance in HELL of winning the “Deadly Game” tournament.

Next up, Vince’s Stooges head to the referee’s locker room to grab Shane McMahon. Daddy Vince wants to see him.

  • The DOA (w/Paul Ellering) vs. The Acolytes

No match. Bradshaw and Faarooq make their HeAT debut by jumping DOA before the bell. Bradshaw beats one of the twins with a chair while Faarooq beats up the other twin with the steps. Ellering gets the DOUBLE POWERBOMB finish. ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE! N/A

Kevin Kelly talks with the WWF tag champs the New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg makes some soap opera references that I had to look up to see what he was even talking about. Gunn tags the Survivor Series poster behind them when they get attacked by the Headbangers, D’Lo Brown, and Mark Henry. ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE!

Immediately following tonight’s Survivor Series, WWF invades the Home Shopping Network!

We get some clips to build the Sable/Jacqueline WWF Women’s title match for tonight’s PPV.

Sable comes out to talk with Kevin Kelly in the ring. She guarantees to becomes the WWF Women’s champ tonight. That’s when Marc Mero comes out. Marc tells her to back out of the match because Jacqueline will hurt Sable tonight. He claims Sable isn’t a real wrestler, which I can agree with here. Jacqueline comes from outta nowhere and runs Sable down. DAMN. Jacqueline badmouths Sable and leaves with Marc Mero. Sable may be HURT!

WWF.com. It’s the internet!

After the break, it looks like Sable is getting iced down by medical personnel backstage.

  • Gangrel (w/Edge & Christian) vs. Steve Blackman

If he’s not Owen Hart, WHO IS THE BLUE BLAZER? We’ll find out soon enough. Gangrel charges into a spinebuster to start, but comes right back. Blackman kicks him down and chops around Gangrel, but then he telegraphs a backdrop. Gangrel forces a floatover vertical suplex for two. He beats on Blackman and drops him throat-first on the top rope. Gangrel shuts down a comeback, but Blackman can’t stop won’t stop. Belly to Belly Suplex connects as does a jumping shoulder block. Christian distracts the ref while Edge nails Blackman with a missile dropkick. That stuns Blackman for the IMPALER DDT from Gangrel for the three-count. (3:22) After the bell, Christian flies in with a flying headbutt to Blackman for no good reason. Once the Brood heads out, the Blue Blazer slowly descends from the ceiling. Oh boy, I don’t like this one bit. Of course he has a hard time getting out of the harness. Blackman walks over and slaps him silly until he’s pulled back up to the ceiling. Match was as good as anything else we’ve seen tonight. ¾*

Next up, we catch Vince’s Stooges coming to the Rock’s dressing room to get him to go see Mr. McMahon. Rock tells them to leave and to go find some donuts at catering.

Survivor Series ad airs.

Get your “Deadly Game” jumbo poster for free if you order the Survivor Series PPV. Details at WWF.com.

We go to ringside to see Vince McMahon surrounded by his stooges and the Big Boss Man. He guarantees tonight will be a Survivor Series you’ll never forget. Vince calls out THE ROCK, SHANE MCMAHON, and STEVE AUSTIN to the ring. Before Vince can get a word out, THE UNDERTAKER and PAUL BEARER interrupt. While Austin and Taker start to brawl, X-PAC shows up to get him some of Taker. Austin then brawls with the Rock. As Taker gives X-Pac a Chokeslam, the Big Boss Man brawls with Taker. MANKIND (in a suit), GOLDUST, KEN SHAMROCK, STEVEN REGAL, and AL SNOW all appear. Where is Jeff Jarrett? The lights go out. Here comes KANE. Taker stands alone in the ring while Kane comes down. Before anything else can happen, the show ends leaving you to go watch Survivor Series.

SURVIVOR SERIES 1998 IS NEXT! Until next time, so long for now.

The World Wrestling Federation presents “Survivor Series: Deadly Game”
LIVE ONLY ON PAY-PER-VIEW on November 15 from the Kiel Center in St. Louis, Missouri

WWF World Tag Team Championship:
The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. Mark Henry & D’Lo Brown vs. The Headbangers
WWF Women’s Championship:
 Jacqueline (c) vs. Sable


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