WWF: SuNDAY NiGHT HeAT (11.29.98)

November 29, 1998
Philadelphia, PA
First Union Center

The current WWF champs are as follows:
WWF Champion: The Rock (11/15/1998)
Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock (10/12/1998)
World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (8/30/1998)
European Champion: X-Pac (10/18/1998)
Light Heavyweight Champion: Duane Gill (11/23/1998)
Hardcore Champion: Mankind (11/2/1998)
Women’s Champion: Sable (11/15/1998)

HOT ENOUGH? Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jim Cornette.

  • WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Duane Gill (c) (w/Bob Holly & Scorpio) vs. Christian (w/Edge & Gangrel)

Yes, Duane Gill is *your* light heavyweight champion as of last week’s RAW. Christian is already getting a rematch which seems fair. He BUM RUSHES THE SHOW on Gill to start and hits a powerslam. He punches away on Gill and dropkicks him down. The Three Amigos end with a sitout gourdbuster, but Christian misses a flying splash. Gill jumps on Christian for a two-count, but Christian gets up and clotheslines Gill down. As he delivers the Unprettier to Gill, THE BLUE MEANIE jumps the rail and enters the ring. He does his little dance before jumping on Christian as they throw out the match. (1:46) Corny refers to Blue Meanie as “just some joker from ECW”. The Brood and the JOB Squad brawl as refs and agents head down to separate everybody. Meanie manages an escape back through the crowd. Okay then, is this the first WWF appearance of Blue Meanie? ¼*

  • D’Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) vs. Steve Blackman

Blackman BUM RUSHES THE SHOW on D’Lo. Hey, didn’t Christian just do the same thing? D’Lo comes back with a dropkick and his fancy leg drop. WHO SUCKS NOW? Blackman reverses a corner whip and dropkicks Brown in the back to send him out to the floor. As Blackman goes out to brawl with him, the BLUE BLAZER appears only for his cape to get caught on something under the ring. Blackman walks over to him and pounds away. Brown returns to the ring as Blackman gets counted out. (2:00) You might think the crowd would be hot for Blackman getting his hands on Owen, but they don’t seem to care. ½*

Elsewhere, Vince McMahon schemes with his Three Stooges, his son Shane, and the Big Boss Man. There’s somebody Vince wants them to schmooze. Brisco and Slaughter are holding beers in their hands, but it’s for Pat. HA.

WWF REWIND << presented by Glover for N64. From RAW 11/23/98, the Insane Clown Posse turn on the Oddities a match and join the Headbangers crew.

Kevin Kelly meets with the Oddities to get their comments about the ICP’s actions. Luna calls them “SCUM” and challenges the Headbangers and the ICP to a 8-person tag at Rock Bottom In Your House. Kurrgan tells us that “an angry freak isn’t necessarily a bad thing” while Giant Silva laughs like he knows what’s going on.

  • The Headbangers vs. Supply & Demand (The Godfather & Val Venis)

Since Val Venis has already worn out his hos, Godfather gives them the night off. Well that seems bad for business. We get a “HELLO LADIES” and then the Headbangers BUM RUSH THE SHOW. Can we start any match fair tonight? Before the match is even one minute old, the ODDITIES show up at ringside. Godfather gets tagged in, but Thrasher kicks him from the apron into a DDT. Golga and Cartman (or Cart Man if you’re Michael Cole) appear on the apron. He provides enough distraction for Godfather to hit the PIMP DROP for the win. (2:08) As Godfather and Venis head out, the Oddities beat up the Headbangers. Oddities are still using their ICP music.

We catch the New Age Outlaws are the guests that Vince McMahon wants his stooges to get excited over. Of course, they can’t take these guys seriously. Just as Vince is getting ready to talk to them, we go to commercials.

From RAW 11/23/98, they replay when the New Age Outlaws left with the Three Stooges.

Back in Vince’s skybox, it appears he’s trying to recruit the Outlaws to join the Corporation. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are cracking jokes. Shane assures them that being part of the McMahon organization does have it’s privileges. Dang, is Shane gonna blow them?

  • WWF European Championship: X-Pac (c) vs. Mark Henry (w/D’Lo Brown)

They take us back to last week on RAW when Shawn Michaels turned on his DX brethren to join the McMahon Corporation. They also remind us that Chyna agreed to a date with Mark Henry last week on RAW. Henry recites another love poem to Chyna because he can’t wait until tomorrow night for his big date. Some plant in the front row has a copy of the RAW magazine with Chyna on the cover. X-Pac goes after Henry with his usual kicks. He flies off the top into a huge powerslam though. X-Pac comes back with kicks in the corner and delivers the Bronco Buster. Henry shoves X-Pac off into another corner and avalanches him. He wants to look at the RAW magazine again and turns around into a SUPER X-FACTOR for the win. (1:46) Kevin Kelly gets a word with X-Pac in the ring. He tells Henry he can think about Chyna all he wants, but he better not get out of line with her tomorrow night. Kelly spills the beans to X-Pac that the New Age Outlaws are in a luxury skybox suite with Vince McMahon. X-Pac only hopes they aren’t kissing his ass. Okay then. Over in the skybox, we catch the New Age Outlaws walking out on the meeting. Vince starts blaming his stooges for maybe something they could have said to them. ¾*

We get a video package highlighting the build to the “buried alive” match between Steve Austin and the Undertaker on December 13 LIVE on PPV. It gets insane, right?

Jim Ross caught up with Steve Austin in the locker room at the Fleet Center in Boston yesterday. Austin will be on RAW tomorrow night and he will beat somebody’s ass. Everything is bullshit right now.

Elsewhere, the Undertaker and Paul Bearer want Steve Austin to understand this goes beyond retribution. Austin will be sacrificed because he has impeded the progress of Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness. Once Austin looks into his eyes, last Monday night was the beginning of the end. Paul Bearer calls Kane a “total idiot” and as Kane’s legal guardian, Bearer has the authority to lock Kane away forever and ever.

Baseball pisses off Jeff Jarrett. Especially the New York Yankees. I AGREE.

  • Kane vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra)

Debra tries to use her womanly ways to distract Kane to start. They brawl in and out of the ring. Back inside, Kane hits the Side Slam and the Flying Clothesline. Jarrett manages to clip the knee and hits a bad DDT. He comes off the top and get goozled. In comes Debra, Kane lets Jarrett go and flirts with Kane some more. Meanwhile, Debra gets GOOZLED while Jarrett KABONGS Kane for the DQ. (2:14) Naturally, Kane NO-SELLS as Jarrett and Debra head for Tennessee. ½*

  • The Big Boss Man & Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind & Al Snow

The WWF champion the Rock joins Cole and Corny for extra special commentary. Boss Man and Mankind brawl around ringside while Shamrock and Snow get it going inside the ring. Snow headbutts Shamrock in the corner, but Shamrock fires back with a hurracanrana. Rock – “THE CORPORATE HURRACANRANA!” In comes Boss Man, Snow avoids an avalanche and tags out. Mankind delivers some big blows to Boss Man, but gets distracted by the Rock. Boss Man slides under the bottom rope and pops Mankind in the mouth. He avalanches Mankind and tags in Shamrock. He winds up telegraphing a backdrop as Mankind hits a swinging neckbreaker. Another tag to Snow, he runs wild on the Corporation, but runs into a belly to belly suplex from Shamrock. Mankind gives up on the match and goes after the Rock. During all the craziness, Boss Man levels Snow with the night stick for the win. (2:46) As the Rock and Mankind brawl all over the First Union Center, the JOB Squad brawl with Shamrock and Boss Man inside the ring. IT’S TOTAL MAYHEM! *


LIVE on PPV from the General Motors Place in Vancouver, BC, Canada on December 13!
MAIN EVENT: WWF Championship: The Rock (c) vs. Mankind
MAIN EVENT: “Buried Alive” Match: Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker


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