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ECW: Hostile City Showdown (06.94)

ECW: Hostile City Showdown
June 24, 1994
Philadelphia, PA
ECW Arena

The current ECW Champs were as follows:
ECW Champion: Shane Douglas (3/26/1994)
ECW Tag Team Champions: The Public Enemy (3/6/1994)
ECW TV Champion: Mikey Whipwreck (5/13/1994)

Your host is Joey Styles.
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Bigelow’s Raw Report 12/29/08

Monday Night Raw 12/29/08

Verizon Wireless Arena

Manchester, NH

Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
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Drama’s Smackdown Report 12/26/08

Drama’s Smackdown Report 12/26/08

Friday Night Smackdown!
December 26, 2008
Toronto, Ontario
Jim Ross and Tazz
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Bigelow’s Replay: Raw is War: 1/4/99

As we come upon the 10 year anniversary of Mick Foley’s first WWF World Championship victory (12/29/98), I thought I would post this retro review. I attended this Raw taping live and have added a lengthy live notes post to kick it off. Enjoy!

WWF Raw is War 1/4/99 (Taped 12/29/98)

Centrum Centre

Worcester, MA

Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
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PWG: Kee_ The _ee Out of Our _ool! (03.04)

PWG: Kee_ The _ee Out of Our _ool!
March 27, 2004
Santa Ana, CA

Your hosts are Excalibur and Disco Machine!
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ROH: Night of Champions (03.03)

ROH: Night of Champions
Philadelphia, PA

From a promo sent by Steve Corino while he was backstage taking a shower after a Zero-One show in Japan dated from back at the last ROH show a week earlier, he says he’s got two words for Christopher Daniels – dare me.

Meanwhile back in Philadelphia, Jody Fleisch decides not to party with Mikey Whipwreck and the Special K tonight because he’s got his big match with Low-Ki. Whipwreck demands some rock n roll from the DJ and the Special K boys cover their ears. It’s harshing their mellow!

Interview with the Prophecy: Christopher Daniels says if Doug Williams can beat him for the FWA title, then he can start shaking hands again in ROH. Xavier tells Joe that he can’t beat him because Joe couldn’t beat Low-Ki, which Xavier could in order to win the ROH title. Tonight, Joe’s just going to be X’ed out like everybody before him. Oh yeah, and they are ready for Steve Corino. Off the mic but not really, Daniels tries to talk Xavier out of defending the belt against Joe, putting him over as the hardest hitting guy he’s ever faced.

Your hosts are Ray Murrow and Chris Lovey.
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Hey! It’s Scott Criscuolo!

Everyone enjoy this guy. He’s fantastic and an excellent addition to the PDR! Welcome, Scott!

Drama’s Raw Report 12/22/08

Drama’s Raw Report 12/22/08

Monday Night Raw

December 22, 2008

Toronto, Ontario

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

We start with the great duo of Santino Marella and Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix. He is upset that he’s been laughed at by everyone this year, from losing his Intercontinental Title to having his scrotum injured. Read the rest of this entry

Drama’s Smackdown Report 12/19/08

Friday Night Smackdown!
December 19, 2008
Baltimore, Maryland
Jim Ross and Tazz

We get a video recap of Armageddon, and the moment fans have been waiting years for…Jeff Hardy is the WWE Champion. We then go live to a painted Jeff Hardy popping up behind his WWE Title belt and smiling.
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