Drama’s Smackdown Report 5/1/09

Drama’s Smackdown Report 5/1/09

Friday Night Smackdown!
May 1, 2009
New York, New York
Jim Ross and Todd Grisham

-We get an introductory vignette talking about Madison Square Garden and the importance of tonight. Tonight a Fatal Four-Way to decide the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.


The Garden is jacked tonight as JR welcomes us to Smackdown from New York City. Tonight it will be Kane, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, and Rey Mysterio in a Fatal-Four Way match to decide who will face Edge, the new World Heavyweight Champion at Judgment Day. But first we have our first Smackdown promo from Y2J, as this is a great addition to this show. I know Bigelow misses him on Raw. Jericho in his heel suit takes the mike and says the night may be different, the ropes and the commentators may have changed but one thing is the same: the fans are still petulant hypocritical tapeworms. Jericho says everyone is completely clueless as to how talented he really is. Jericho says he’s not introducing himself because everyone should know who he is, which is the biggest superstar ever to be drafted to this show. Jericho has a message for the Smackdown roster and the fans. Forget whatever you’ve heard before, because Jericho says he’s taking over, and no one can do anything about it. Jericho says he was the Superstar of the Year for 2008 and it’s a travesty that he has to compete in a Fatal Four-Way match to decide a #1 contender, when everyone knows he is the #1 contender. Jericho says he will win this match tonight, go on to Judgment Day and once again become World Heavyweight Champion again. Suddenly he’s cut off by the guy who currently holds the gold, as Edge comes out to a huge face pop ironically. Two of the three best heels in the business right now (along with Orton) are in the ring right now. Edge says its rude that Jericho didn’t introduce himself so Edge will, as he says its Chris Jericho, the tormentor of senior citizens and the former (for emphasis) World Heavyweight Champion. Edge asks who beat Jericho for that title? Oh yes, it was John Cena. Edge reminds everyone that Jericho never defeated Cena. But Edge did, 5 days ago at Backlash in a Last Man Standing match. Edge says Jericho can do that pissed off guy in a suit routine on Raw, but it’s not going to work over here. Edge wants to give Jericho a history lesson. Edge says this is his show, he’s the main event and the name on the marquee. Everyone backstage and in these seats want to be him. Edge says there’s no better feeling than walking into the World’s Most Famous Arena…pauses…and says the Air Canada Center in Toronto and know he’s better than everyone else. Edge says Jericho can take the speeches with the big words and stick it, because Smackdown belongs to the Champ. Jericho gets right in Edge’s face and says he disagrees, but then Jericho is interrupted by Mr. Money in the Back, CM Punk. Wow Smackdown’s roster is jacked with talent. Punk says he heard Edge introducing people, so Punk will introduce himself as Mr. Money in the Bank. Punk tells Edge that he may remember Edge from their previous encounter, and we go back to June 30, 2008 in Oklahoma City when CM Punk last used his Money in the Bank on Raw to beat Edge (thanks to a Batista Demon Bomb and the GTS) and became World Heavyweight Champion. Punk wanted to come out and let Edge know that, until Jericho cuts him off and says nobody cares what he has to say. Jericho says he’s the best in the world in what he does. He says Punk has no right to interrupt him. Jericho says he let Edge interrupt him because he’s the Champ, but Punk is not. Jericho says it’s in Punk’s best interest to turn around and leave the ring. Punk blows him off, but Jericho says Punk and the other recalcitrant frauds known as fans can disrespect him all he wants, so he’s done with all of them. Jericho leaves the ring, and Punk says that was really awkward. Punk gets back to Edge, but Edge says Jericho is right, that no one cares what Punk has to say. Punk says Edge will have to listen. Punk says Smackdown is in a new era, and it has nothing to do with Edge. Punk says Vickie Guerrero is no longer the GM of this show. Punk says the days of pulling strings in the office for Edge is over. Punk then says that current General Manager Teddy Long says that Edge will be competing, against Punk, and it will be tonight. Edge says he calls that a warm-up match. Edge says after he easily beats him tonight in a non-title match, he’ll go onto Judgment Day and defend his title. Punk says what does Edge mean by “non-title?” Punk says Edge has, like Punk, been in position of the Money in the Bank, so he knows what that means. Punk says he’ll defeat Edge in that “non-title warm up” match tonight, then cash the MITB in and while Edge is out from the GTS, he’ll pin him a second time to become World Heavyweight Champion. Great opening promo that sets the three biggest guys on the show into their roles.

-We’re back and JR says go to wwe.com to see all the Backlash results, and thanks The Veer Union for the official Backlash song. JR and Grish go over some of Smackdown’s draft picks, including Rey Mysterio, Candice and John Morrison. Speaking of the Shaman of Sexy, he’s up in our first match.

John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin

Two heels, but irrelevant. This should be great. Shelton starts with some boots. He pitches Morrison out of the ring, who gets right back in and starts punching. Morrison with a drop kick for 2. Shelton misses the first boot, but hits the second. Shelton with right hands and some stomps. Shelton keeps working Morrison over and goes to the headlock. Morrison whipped into the corner, and lifts his foot on Shelton’s charge. Shelton catches the boot but Morrison with a forearm. Morrison comes off the ropes with a flying knee and boot to the face for 2. Morrison misses a clothesline and Shelton with a backbreaker. Shelton leapfrogs a charge, but Morrison comes off the rope with his flying kick to the face. One Moonlight Drive later and Morrison’s your winner. Decent enough match but with more time it will be magic. WINNER: John Morrison (Grade: 2)

-We’re back in the greatest city in the world. We go to a vignette involving MVP, Sherry Sheppard (from the View) and Dolph Ziggler. JR and Grish go over more draft picks including Alicia Fox and Kane, who’s been bounced around the 3 shows more than anybody. Mike Knox is on Smackdown too. We to Teddy Long’s office where Jericho is whining about being in the Fatal Four Way and how he should be automatically the #1 contender. In comes the Great Khali, who talks in Indian. Jericho says finally someone’s giving him respect, but Runjin Singh translates that Khali says Jericho should stop whining and get over himself. Jericho quietly walks out of the office, and gets ready for our next match.

Fatal Four-Way #1 contenders match: Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho

The brawl begins. Kane pitches Jeff out and works Jericho over. Kane clotheslines Jericho then boots Rey and Jericho. Kane with a sidewalk slam on Rey for 2. Kane with a right hand to Jericho. He slams Jericho’s head into the turnbuckle. Kane pitches Jericho to the floor, then throws Rey onto Jericho and Jeff outside. Kane’s alone in the ring as we go to break. We return and Kane is on the top rope where he goes for his clothesline but Jeff drop kicks him in midair. Rey leg drops Kane off the rope for 2. Jericho with a backbreaker on Kane for 2. Jeff with two clotheslines on Jericho for 2. Jeff goes for a hurricanrana on Jericho but he reverses to the Walls. He’s in it for a moment but Kane grabs Jericho by the throat for a chokeslam. Jericho trips Kane up and goes for the Walls on him but Kane flips him off. Kane goes for the chokeslam on Jericho and Jeff but Rey comes off the ropes so Kane lets go of them and grabs Rey. He gets Rey up but Rey hurricanranas him on the second rope. Set up for the 619, Rey goes for it but Jericho trips him off the ropes. Jericho pulls him to the floor. In the ring. Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind on Kane, then the Swanton, but Jeff pulls him off and takes the pin on Jericho himself. KANE IS ELIMINATED. Kane drops Jericho with a chokeslam, then throws Jeff into the barricade, then grabs 2 chairs and throws them into the ring. Kane is flipping out. Meanwhile Rey hits Jericho with the 619, but when Rey goes for the West Coast Pop Jericho throws the chair at him in mid-air and Charles Robinson disqualifies him. CHRIS JERICHO IS ELIMINATED. We’re down to Rey and Jeff as we go to break. We return and Jeff and Rey are ready to go to what is now a one-on-one. They go off the ropes and Rey with a drop kick for 2. Rey goes for a drop kick but Jeff stops on the ropes. Jeff with his double breadbasket kick and a low drop kick for 2. Jeff misses a charge in the corner, but reverse elbows Rey and goes for a sunset flip but Rey flips out and drop kicks Jeff for 2. Great non-stop action here. Rey with a leg drop for 2. Rey with forearms, but both go off the ropes and a double cross body takes each other out. Rey with a boot, but he goes for a flip and Jeff catches him. Jeff goes for a reverse DDT but Rey with a great reverse is reversed by Jeff into a Sunset Flip for 2. These two are going all out here. Rey flips out of a suplex but eats a reverse mule kick. Jeff goes for his double mule kick in the corner and Rey evades it. Rey is up and we have a double roll-up for 2 on each. Rey with a hurricanrana to the rope and then the 619 on Jeff. Rey hits the West Coast Pop but Jeff reverses it into a sunset flip for the three count. REY MYSTERIO ELIMINATED. Jeff gets his rematch with Edge from the Royal Rumble at Judgment Day. Or will he? We’ll see later tonight but this match was fantastic. WINNER: Jeff Hardy (Grade: 4)

-We return from break with highlights of this awesome 4-way match, won by Jeff Hardy. We go backstage where Jericho bursts into Teddy’s office freaking out at Maria who has her clothing line all over the couch. Edge then comes in and bitches about where Teddy is to Maria, then says he needs to call his wife. JR and Grish go over more draft picks, including Punk, Layla and Cryme Time. Speakin of Cryme Tyme, they come out to a big pop. Shad does wear the swank Ewing throwback, reminding me of Cena at Wrestlemania XX. JTG grabs the mike, and goes YOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYO. They rap some jive, put New York City over, then ask the crowd if they want to see two divas get down. Shad says that this should be a Brooklyn Breakdown. So out comes Layla, who’s ridiculously hot, then Eve Torres who’s hot, but not hotter than Layla. Eve pimps the Yankees hat, nice Foley-esque cheap pop.

Brooklyn Breakdown: Layla vs. Eve Torres

It’s pretty much a dance-off. Layla goes first and gets all down and funky. Eve is next, and she gets funky. Cryme Tyme asks for the crowd’s approval, and Eve wins. Layla smacks Eve in the face and they start rolling around. Cryme Tyme breaks it up. WINNER: Eve Torres (Grade: N/A)

-Backstage and MVP is getting ready. In comes Sherri Shepard with her white boa and black studded robe. They rap and MVP guarantees he’ll bring his US Title to the View Monday morning.

United States Championship: MVP © vs. Dolph Ziggler

Now that he’s a face, no inflatable entrance? They lock up and MVP pushes Ziggler down. Ziggler with a boot low and some right hands. Off the ropes and MVP with a hip toss and consecutive arm drags. Ziggler baits MVP to get close and Ziggler pulls MVP’s tights and yanks him to the floor. Outside Sherri shouts support but Ziggler works MVP over. Ziggler turns to Sherri and wants her to shake his hand but MVP cuts that off. He charges and Ziggler gets out of the way and goes right into Sherri’s arms. They share an awkward moment before MVP hits Ziggler with a reverse elbow. Both back in the ring and Ziggler with a boot. Ziggler with right hands and now a chinlock. He changes it to a headlock. MVP gets to his feet and flips him over. Ziggler ducks a clothesline but gets tossed. Ziggler with a low drop kick to the kneecap and back to the right hands. Sherri goes on the apron and Ziggler wants her to give him a kiss. So obviously she slaps him and MVP with a clothesline. MVP hits the Ballin’ Elbow for 2. MVP swats a drop kick away, then hits the Playmaker and its good night Ziggler. WINNER: MVP (Grade: 2.5)

-We go back to another look at June 30, 2008 when CM Punk used last year’s MITB to beat Edge for the World Title. They meet for the first time tonight. We go to break with a trailer for Xbox 360’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” game, out now.

-We return from break to remind us that at Judgment Day, Randy Orton will defend the WWE Title against Batista. Backstage Chris Jericho is laying into Teddy Long, calling him a hack and a two-bit General Manager. John Morrison comes out of a room, and Jericho asks him what he’s looking at. Morrison says not a loser, but a quitter. Jericho smacks him in the face and Morrison jumps him. They’re broken up by guys and Punk just whistles by with his MITB briefcase as we go to break.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. CM Punk

Now JR says Punk is cashing his MITB in regardless of what happens in this match. They lock up and they push each other. Punk goes for the GTS and Edge grabs the rope. Punk with kicks and right hands. Edge is whipped into the corner, but he lifts his legs on the charge and similar to Morrison/Shelton earlier Punk catches his legs, swings Edge into the ropes and drop kicks him in the back for 2. Punk with a knee to the gut for 2. Punk with a front facelock, then a kick to the back of the head. Punk goes to the ropes but Edge catches him halfway, but Punk kicks him off. Punk goes up again, but this time Edge crotches him and hangs him up in the corner. Edge with right hands but Punk retaliates with forearms. Punk goes for a suplex but Edge stops it and drapes Punk on the top rope. Edge then boots him to the floor, and Punk’s down outside as we go to break. We return and both men are hitting right hands. Edge with a low knee to take control, and starts booting Punk. Edge goes after Punk’s lower back and chokes him on the middle rope. Edge goes for a splash and Punk ducks out. Edge lands on the ropes and Punk with a kick to the face. Punk misses the right hand and Edge with a roll-up for 2. Punk with a boot and some kicks. Punk goes for the GTS and Edge slides out but Punk with a roll-up for 2. Edge with a modified bulldog for 2. Edge sets up for the spear, but Punk with a kick to the face and his high knee in the corner, into a bulldog for 2. Nice move. Punk misses a plancha off the rope but Edge charges and Punk with a powerslam for 2. Punk sets up the GTS but Edge grabs Punk’s knee and reverses into the Sharpshooter. Punk crawls and gets to the rope. Edge breaks the hold, as Punk rolls under the ropes. Edge goes for a suplex over the ropes but Punk reverses it and hits the GTS for the 3 count. WINNER: CM Punk

-CM Punk then grabs the briefcase and tells Mike Chioda he’s cashing his MITB in. However before the bell rings, Umaga comes from out of nowhere and thrust kicks Punk in the face. He then drops Punk with a Samoan Drop and leaves. Edge gets to his feet and is about to crush Punk with the briefcase but Jeff Hardy comes out, hits Edge with both the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb as we go off the air. A fantastic show that was so fresh and exciting with new characters, main eventers, and title feuds.


MVP: Jeff Hardy
Runner Up: John Morrison
Non MVP: Edge
Runner Up: Chris Jericho

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