Memphis Wrestling (12.01.79)


Memphis Wrestling
December 1, 1979
Memphis, TN
WMC-5 TV Studio

The current Memphis wrestling champions are as follows:
AWA World Champion: Nick Bockwinkel (11/8/75)
CWA World Champion: Jerry Lawler (11/8/79)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion: Jackie Fargo (11/22/79)
AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Steve Regal & Hector Guerrero (11/19/79)

Your hosts are Lance Russell and Dave Brown.

When we start the footage, we see Jerry Jarrett sitting down with Lance Russell. They discuss a newcomer to the area: Paul Ellering. They take us to a 2/3 falls match from AWA All Star Wrestling showcasing Paul Ellering. He wins in two straight falls with very little issue.

Back to the show, Russell is mesmerized by Ellering’s body development and strength.

Another primary AWA guy is coming to the Memphis area: the great Billy Robinson. We see another 2/3 falls AWA All Star Wrestling glorified squash.

Over to Dave Brown, he’s standing by with the Blonde Bombers and Danny Davis. Farris mocks Billy Robinson saying he will send him back to the bottom of the ranks of this sport as soon as he steps through the ropes to face him. Larry Latham just stands there and poses to mock Paul Ellering I’m assuming.

  • The Assassins vs. Ricky Morton & Sonny King

This version of the Assassins have nothing to do with Jody Hamilton. While they are wearing the yellow and black colors, they wear Masked Superstar-style singlets and are Randy Cooley and Kurt Von Hess under the hoods. Morton gets the crap beat out of him here working up to the hot tag to Sonny. He punches down the Assassins and tags Morton right back into the match. Well, bad idea. With one of the Assassins on the floor, he trips up Morton as he comes off the ropes causing Morton to fall on his face. The Assassin in the ring jumps on Morton for the pinfall. (5:18 shown) Sonny never bothered to make a save here and doesn’t come in the ring to console Morton afterwards either. He gets in Morton’s face and slaps him one good time. Well, Morton fights back and being the bigger of the two, Sonny King wins that fight until Big Red makes the save.

Jerry Jarrett announces that during the month of December, kids under the age of ten get in free and general admission tickets are just $2. Jarrett says a mom and dad with sixteen kids under the age of ten can come watch wrestling for just $4. Russell forgets that the Mid-South Coliseum show will be Sunday night instead of Monday and freely admits his goof showing his loveable charm. He runs down tomorrow night’s card highlighted by the CWA world champ Jerry Lawler against Austin Idol. They air an Austin Idol promo filmed down in Georgia Championship Wrestling.

Back to the show, the CWA world champ Jerry Lawler comes out for a rebuttal. First of all, he tells us that the old building he used to wrestle at in Jonesboro wasn’t up to his standards, so now because of him they built a new building. Lawler says he’ll be going down to Jonesboro to pay his respects to the old building tonight. Now onto Austin Idol, he tells the people that he will be giving Idol a good old Memphis beating because of all the times Idol has injured him in the past. There was the hemorrhaging when Idol kicked him in the stomach, a broken hand, and the time Idol tried to blind him. Idol will walk out of this town the “Universal Heartslob” because Lawler will leave him lying. Lawler tells him not to ever dream of the day he’ll hold the CWA world title because it will never happen. WOO.

  • Big Red vs. John King

Big Red is a big dude who wears red. Just imagine the Kool Aid-guy as a wrestler. The HOLY GHOST SPLASH gets the win in 0:34. OH YEAH!

Jerry Lawler joins Lance Russell to get some comments on a match he had with Dick the Bruiser last week in the Mid-South Coliseum. In case you’re wondering, Dick the Bruiser is fifty years old here. It’s a no-DQ match, but the ref wants to reverse the decision because Lawler used a foreign object to beat the Bruiser. Lawler points out that you can’t reverse a decision in a no-DQ match and laughs all the way to the bank. Once he proves his point, Lawler leaves for the dressing room.

  • Hector Guerrero, Steve Regal, Larry Hardin & Koko Ware vs. The Waynes and the Blonde Bombers (w/Danny Davis)

Russell tells us Larry Harden is subbing for Jerry Bryant here. This is TV time limit remaining. The Blonde Bombers get Regal cornered on the wrong side of town. Once he’s down, Ken Wayne tags into the match. Regal sunset flips him bringing the other six into the match for a fight. During the chaos, Regal backslides Ken Wayne and gets the three-count to secure the fall at 1:47.

After the break, Lance Russell speaks with the Assassins. They admit they aren’t a couple of geeks like the people’s champs Hector Guerrero and Steve Regal, but they will beat them for their tag belts back and will be known as the people’s champs soon enough. They will get that tag titles match tomorrow night. SPOILER ALERT: they are successful at regaining the tag belts.

Alright, onto the second fall. Ken takes a shot from Regal and tags out to his daddy. Dropkick on Buddy, but Latham pulls Regal off the cover. Tag to Guerrero, he does a slingshot somersault and kicks Buddy over the back of his head. Latham tags in and takes a couple flying headscissors. More ownage on Latham follows until Koko gets stuck on the wrong side of town. With two minutes left, Koko headbutts Latham away and falls back into a hot tag to Regal. He’s trying to pin Latham, but Ken Wayne keeps interrupting him. Finally, Latham tags in Ken who brings Regal over to his corner for a double-team. We get another “katie bar the door” segment with all eight men in the ring as we run out of time. (6:58 total) Naturally, the good guys send the Waynes and the Bombers out of the ring. This was a fun FIGHT. **

To close out the show, Jerry Lawler comes out to tell us he’s going to rearrange Austin Idol’s looks tomorrow night because everybody seems to think he’s so pretty.

Until next time, so long for now.

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