TEN YEARS AFTER: ECW on Sci-Fi (10.31.06)


ECW on Sci-Fi
October 31, 2006
Milwaukee, WI
Bradley Center

Hey, why not? It’s Halloween. And ECW can be scary.

LAST WEEK: Paul Heyman is making Rob Van Dam jump through all kinds of hoops to get an ECW world title shot against the Big Show. They had a ladder match where the object was to retrieve the title match contract. DID RVD PREVAIL? Yes he in fact did.

Before we properly begin the show, Paul Heyman admits Rob Van Dam will get an ECW world title match against the Big Show. This week on ECW.com, RVD announced that he will face the Big Show at ECW’s next (and first as a third brand under the WWE umbrella) PPV on December 3 called December to Dismember. What Van Dam didn’t know is that Heyman has added unagreed upon match stipulations to this encounter. This match will include four others and will be an EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER.

Your hosts are Joey Styles and Tazz.

  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier: Sabu vs. Kevin Thorn (w/Ariel)

We either had to start the Halloween show with vampires Kevin Thorn and Ariel or that Zombie guy from the first show, right? Joey and Tazz wonder what the heck an EXTREME elimination chamber match is. Thorn jumps Sabu first, but Sabu fights back with legdrops and a somersault plancha to the floor. Back in, a slingshot splash gets two. Thorn blocks a springboard with a Sky High for two. He then runs Sabu into the post and starts working the shoulder. Sabu comes back and springboards all over the place on Thorn for a nearfall. He gets drilled with a clothesline, but fires back with ANOTHER springboard this time for a DDT. A somersault legdrop to the back of Thorn’s head sets up the CAMEL CLUTCH nicely for the tapout to advance to the PPV. (4:32) That’s right, folks. Sabu was originally supposed to be at this PPV. *

Rebecca DiPietro – who I don’t remember AT ALL – is doing backstage stuff. She introduces us to one of our three choices who we can pick to be Umaga’s opponent at Cyber Sunday: The Sandman. In the middle of his promo, a non-Doink clown interrupts and honks a bicycle horn. When he walks away, Sandman canes him down and laughs about it. HE HATES CLOWNS. Either Rebecca is scared to death of clowns or the “Halloween shrooms” just hit her.

  • Daivari (w/the Great Khali) vs. Shannon Moore

We get it – Khali is bigger than most everyone on the planet. Can’t forget that Shannon Moore had a SERIOUS mohawk though. Apparently, this is a wrestling debut for Daivari. He’s all about arm work and drills Moore with a Hammerlock DDT to put him out. (1:48) Afterwards, Khali gives Moore the KHALI BOMB to send a message.

Backstage, Rebecca talks with Rob Van Dam to get him to respond to Paul Heyman’s comments from earlier. He doesn’t know what an EXTREME elimination chamber is, but for some reason he’s still confident that he’ll win. Hardcore Holly appears reminding RVD of the injury Holly suffered on his back. There was 24 stitches and a 12 inch scar, but tonight they are partners. Now Holly has RVD’s back. IT’S IRONIC.

Hey look, it's Colt Cabana.

Hey look, it’s Colt Cabana.

DIVA COSTUME CONTEST: Your contestants are Kelly Kelly, Trinity, and Ariel. Trinity goes first. She wears police tape around her boobies. Ariel dresses like normal. When Justin Roberts calls her out on it, she says what she is wearing is not a costume. TRIGGERED. Kelly Kelly’s outfit is like a CM Punk Halloween costume. She’s got the CM Punk t-shirt, some CM Punk tattoos, and her wrists taped. Trinity wins for those keeping score. KK’s jealous boyfriend Mike Knox comes out to yell at his girlfriend. CM Punk comes out to the rescue and cleans house on Knox.

After the break, Mike Knox is backstage and challenges CM Punk to a match for next week.

  • Rob Van Dam & Hardcore Holly vs. The Big Show & Test

Hey look, a man in a gorilla suit. That has never been a good sign for wrestling. Test waits for Holly or RVD to decide who is going to start. It’s RVD. Test works him over in the corner, but RVD comes back with VINTAGE KICKS. Tag to Holly, he abuses Test down in a corner. He then hits a suplex and chokes Test in the ropes. Back to RVD, more kicks to Test. Test fights back and runs Van Dam into Show’s boot. However, Test ends up on the apron and gets kicked to the floor. RVD tries knocking Test off the apron again, but Test counters the death blow with an elbow shot. After Test nails Holly, RVD wakes up and crossbody blocks Test off the apron! ECW! ECW! ECW! Commercials! When we come back, Test stops the shoulder butts in the corner with a clothesline. He decides not to tag out and instead corners RVD some more. RVD though flips out of a backdrop and hits the stepover heel kick. Hot tag to Holly, Test wants none of him and finally tags in Show. Skillet hand slaps to the chest! Show stands on Holly and continues his abuse. Holly tries to fight back, but comes off the ropes into a big boot an Andre style elbow drop for 1-2-NO! Back over to Test, he runs Holly back and forth into the ringpost to start working an overhead wristlock. Tag to Show, he misses a pump splash allowing the hot tag to RVD. He manages to take Show off his feet and follows with a somersault dive from the top rope. Rolling Thunder gets 1-2-NO! The match breaks down as the ref Scott Armstrong gets wiped out. Holly hits the ALABAMA SLAM on Test, but then Show runs him down with a boot. RVD hits a flying kick to send Show to the floor where Show winds up eating the post. As RVD waits for Show to stand up, the MAN IN THE GORILLA SUIT jumps the rail and nails RVD in the back of the head with a pipe. DANG. Show slides a motionless RVD back in the ring, gives him an easy CHOKESLAM, and covers Van Dam for the three-count. (15:31) So who was in the gorilla suit? Why, Paul Heyman, of course. **½

With six people guaranteed to be in one match, it immediately makes you wonder what they were thinking the rest of the card was going to be. ECW doesn’t exactly have a deep roster.

CYBER SUNDAY 2006 REVIEW WILL BE OUT THIS SATURDAY. I realize that’s confusing, but Cyber Sunday took place on November 5 and this year November 5 is on a Saturday, so I’m releasing the review on Saturday instead of Sunday. You know what – just look forward to it this weekend. It’ll be fun.

Happy Halloween, everybody. Until next time, so long for now.

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